You can never be free through an external authority

Ascended Master Jesus, September 24, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

No one has ever done anything to you, for you are the only one who can do something to yourself—for you are the one who has free will in your being. And, of course, this is what people will not acknowledge, this is why the masses have submitted to leaders, and this is why leaders have fed them the lie that they can be freed without taking responsibility for themselves, for the state will do so.

Do you not see, that Communism is not based on telling the workers that they have the seed of Christ within them, and thus they can become spiritually self-sufficient, they can rule themselves? Nay, the proletariat needs someone to rule over them, namely Lenin and his consorts. Show me a person who is seeking to truly free the proletariat, so that the proletariat can rule without being ruled by anyone, and then I might grant you that that person has a measure of Christ consciousness. 

But certainly, anyone who says that you will be free by following me, is not out to set the people free. For you will never be free by following anyone who sets himself or herself apart from you, by making themselves superior to the very people they claim to free.

Only those who have the Christ vision – and therefore see the oneness of all life – can be the open doors for setting people free. All others will be the false gurus, who will lead the people from one calamity to another, until the people have finally had enough and thus say: “We can no longer follow these external authorities, we must go within and find the kingdom within. We must find the true Christ within ourselves, rather than the false Christ that is hanging on those wooden crosses in so many Christian churches around the world.” 

For certainly, while Communism is one expression of anti-christ, most orthodox or mainstream Christian churches form another expression of anti-christ. The Russian or Eastern Orthodox Church certainly being no exception to this. Even though some will argue that it has less of a perversion of my original teachings than the Catholic Church – and while I will grant that this is the case – this still does not mean that Eastern or Russian Orthodox churches represent me, represent the consciousness of setting the people free from any external or earthly authority.

You can never be free
through an external authority,
THAT is a key.

And with that, I thank you for your attention, as I have completed the anchoring of the Sword of Christ in this place. Thus, it is finished, and I AM HE.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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