You are not here to change the world

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

So my beloved, how can you walk the tightrope of being the Living Christ in action without going too far into any of the dualistic extremes? Well, you must first of all keep one truth in mind: As the Living Christ, you are not here to produce a specific outer change on earth! You are not here to raise up America to recognize the ascended masters. You are not here to produce world peace. You are not here to expose the power elite and their manipulation of the economy. You are not here to overthrow the international banking system. You are not here to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Take note that I am not saying that some of these things are not worthy goals that need to be obtained, that need to happen. But you are not here to make it happen. For what is to happen on this earth must happen through the free will of the people. And thus, you see why the American form of government – why the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence – incorporate the concept of “we the people.” What you can do as the Living Christ is to awaken the people, so that they can make the best possible choices. But the Living Christ is not a dictator who comes in and takes power, and takes power away from the other dictator who is identified as the real bad guy, as the real villain in the play.

When you fall into the trap of thinking, that you are here to produce a specific result – when you are here to overthrow the rule of this or that other group of people or these or that dark forces – what have you then done? Well, you have done what Jesus described when he described the world as a stage and life as a play with separate roles.  There are many roles defined in this world based on the consciousness of duality. And there is a role created by the serpentine mind to specifically trap those who have been awakened to the path of Christhood but who have not yet attained balance. They go into that role of thinking that as representatives of Christ, they have to fight and destroy the representatives of anti-Christ, and produce a specific result by overthrowing this or that action taken by those they identify as the representatives of anti-Christ.

Do you see how subtle this trap can be? How easy it is for a person who has become awakened to the spiritual path – who is all on fire to serve God, to serve the cause of Christ – to step into that role without noticing what has happened. And then people can go off on a tangent, sometimes for decades, thinking they are working for God, they are working for the ascended masters, yet in reality they are simply outplaying another dualistic role that does virtually nothing to further the true cause of the ascended masters, which is to raise the people above the consciousness of duality.

Do you see what I am saying? We are not primarily concerned with creating world peace, getting America out of Iraq, overturning Roe vs. Wade, overthrowing the monetary elite. Our primary concern is to awaken the people from the blindness caused by the duality consciousness, because when the people are awakened from duality, they will make the right choices. And thus, once duality has been conquered, all other things will fall into place. Do you see? As the Christ said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Non-attachment to specific results

We have seen over millennia how those who have followed a true religion, a true spiritual teaching – be it all the way from the teachings of Abraham, the teachings of Moses, my teachings as the Buddha and Jesus’ teachings, to the ascended masters’ teachings – well, we have seen how people have started following these teachings, but in their over-anxiousness they have become attached to producing outer results. They have gone into the blind alley of seeking first certain things in this world, instead of reaching up for the real goal of truly embodying the teaching that they are following—to the point where they become the teaching, they become one with the teaching, they become one with the teacher.

And if you first seek that goal of oneness and the right use of your creative faculties – which means the balanced use of your creative faculties – then the outer results may or may not be added unto you. For again, it is God’s will that people have free will and that they are allowed to outplay that free will on earth. Certainly, we of the ascended masters want to see certain outer results. Ultimately, we want to see the kingdom of God and the Golden Age of Saint Germain physically manifest on earth. But it cannot come about by going about it the wrong way. For as Jesus put it, “With men this is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible.”

So what is the second thing you must ponder in order to find balance? Well, it is precisely what I taught as the Buddha, namely non-attachment. Non-attachment is not the same as non-caring, as indifference. For truly, when I had attained Buddhahood, I was not non-attached to the point of being indifferent. Which is indeed why I did not simply stay in Nirvana and experience that state of bliss that we have talked about earlier.

I volunteered to come back to earth and teach, thereby exposing myself to the forces on earth. Not that these forces could touch me, but nevertheless I still had to walk in the world of duality and deal with students who came to me in various stages of the duality consciousness. And although there is very little record of this, I can assure you that some of the students that came to me personally were very much trapped in the duality consciousness and did much the same to me that some of Jesus’ disciples did to him—as he has talked about exemplified in Peter who wanted to impose his mental box upon the Living Christ, forcing the Living Christ to conform to that mental box. So there were students who wanted to force the Living Buddha to fit into their mental boxes, rather than allowing the Buddha to take them beyond those boxes.

Non-attachment is the key to Buddhahood. And non-attachment is the key to Christhood. And that non-attachment comes from understanding what I have explained. The true goal of the ascended masters for this earth is the goal of raising up the consciousness of the people beyond duality, so they can fully reach up and discover the Living Word within themselves, thereby spontaneously making right decisions. Because they have what some of my later followers have called the “beginner’s mind” and what Jesus described when he said that unless you become as a little child, you shall in nowise enter the kingdom.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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