You are crucified in matter

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

In a sense, my beloved, what did Jesus demonstrate by coming into embodiment and letting himself be crucified? What did Jesus mean when he said, “Before Abraham was, I AM?” Certainly, the physical body of Jesus could not be older than Abraham—that makes no logical sense whatsoever. And so, there must be a hidden meaning, which of course, you cannot divine by taking the Bible literally—as it was never meant to be taken literally. So, the reality of it is that many of the statements made by Jesus were not made by a particular individual being embodied at a particular time in time and space. It was made by the Logos, by the Word, by the universal cosmic Christ consciousness speaking through him.

And what was meant to be illustrated here is that the Christ has been crucified in matter by allowing people to project whatever images upon that Logos, so that they could be out-pictured by the Ma-ter light as physical form. You see, then, that even though I have said earlier that everything is made out of the Ma-ter light, there is a deeper understanding that the Ma-ter light springs from the Logos of the Christ consciousness. And so, that is why the Christ consciousness, of course, is everywhere. For everything that is made out of the Christ consciousness has the Christ consciousness embedded within it.

But the Christ consciousness is not necessarily expressed in form. It lies dormant, for it has been crucified by the lower images, the images projected by those who have decided to leave the oneness of the Christ consciousness, go into the illusion of separation and duality, create images from that state of consciousness and project it onto matter—which then is why the Christ is crucified. And [this is why] Jesus came to demonstrate that even though the Christ will allow itself to be crucified, you cannot limit or confine the Christ. For even though the Christ is crucified in matter, the Christ knows that it is MORE, that it is One, that it has the potential to be resurrected and ascend.

How do you personally, my beloved, come up higher? By following the example of Jesus, the embodied man, who was crucified, who fulfilled a mission and who gave up the ghost. What is the message, though, for humankind as a whole? It is that Jesus, as you see out-pictured in the outer stations of the cross, Jesus was condemned to death by the consciousness of death, the consciousness of separation and duality. Jesus accepted that cross and then Jesus was nailed to the cross, gave up the ghost, moved on.

But then comes the significance of Jesus being taken down from the cross. For you see, it is the choices of self-aware beings – humankind – that has nailed the Christ to the cross of matter, and the Christ cannot take itself down, for the Christ is only hanging on the cross in the minds of people in duality.

You see the message here? You may think, my beloved, that human beings had the power to nail Jesus to the cross, and they did have the power to nail the outer person, but they could not nail the Christ consciousness to the cross in the sense that the Christ consciousness is the same yesterday, today and forever—and is therefore not changed in its self-awareness, self-image, by anything that happens or is done to it. So it is only in the minds of the people, and therefore – in reality – when they nail Christ to the cross, they are nailing themselves to the cross, my beloved.

Do you see? Do onto others what you want others to do to you. The deeper meaning being that what you do onto others, you have already done to yourself. And in order to be able to nail Jesus to the cross, humankind must first have nailed themselves to the cross, and thus the Mother and her children are indeed nailed to the cross. But only in the minds of the children, for the Mother always knows who she is.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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