Power Elite 3: Why you feel like some people are from another planet

NOTE: These teachings are taken from Lord Maitreya’s book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

 Excerpts from Key 16

How spiritual evolution occurs

Since the physical universe cannot be divided into distinct levels, what happens when a large number of the beings who embody on Earth fall into the duality consciousness and become increasingly self-centered? If the physical realm had been as fluid as for example the emotional realm, there would have been many physical versions of the Earth, each version housing only beings at a certain level of consciousness. Obviously, this is not the case since the Earth is home to people with an incredible variety from very high to very low states of consciousness.

In reality, the law will allow beings to continue to embody on Earth even when they fall to a very low state of consciousness. There is actually a lower limit (beings who go beyond it go to the astral plane), but it is presently rather low, as can be seen from the headlines of any given day. However, the planet itself is still affected when humankind’s consciousness goes up or down. As I have explained before, everything is made from the Ma-ter Light and this light is made from the consciousness and Being of the Creator. Thus, the Ma-ter Light has consciousness, meaning that the Ma-ter Light that makes up planet Earth will be affected by the state of consciousness of the people who embody on the planet. Obviously, this truth will be denied by most people, but this is due to the fact that their consciousness has become so low that they cannot directly perceive anything beyond what can be detected by the physical senses. They can see no direct link between their state of consciousness and the physical conditions on the entire planet or in their own bodies. This is due to a refusal to accept full responsibility for one’s life and salvation, which is the main characteristic of the duality consciousness. The more self-centered people become, the less willing they are to accept responsibility for their actions, feelings, thoughts and sense of identity.

My point here is that because most of the beings who embody on the physical Earth have become blinded by the duality consciousness – a process that began over a billion years ago – the physical conditions on this planet have been altered drastically compared to their original design. When the Earth was first created/evolved, it had a much more pristine and balanced physical environment than what you see today. In fact, the matter that made up the planet vibrated at a higher level than today. There were literally no natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanoes. Neither were there any poisonous or predatory animals, no parasites and no physical diseases. Thus, the life-span of the physical bodies was much longer than today. In fact, it was possible to sustain a physical body indefinitely.

As a side note, the most significant effect of this shortened life-span is that it made reincarnation a necessity. Beings who fell into the duality consciousness misused the Ma-ter Light and thus created a debt to life. The Law of Cause and Effect says that you have to purify, or raise the vibration of, any misqualified energy you have generated in the physical realm before you can permanently ascend above that realm. And since many beings could not purify the misqualified energy, could not balance the karma, in the short life-span, it became necessary to give them additional opportunities by having them come back into other physical bodies. The process demonstrated by Jesus is that when you have balanced all of your karma, you can permanently ascend to a higher realm and no longer have to reincarnate on Earth. Some beings ascend directly to the spiritual realm and are thus free of any ties to the material world. Yet others rise above the need for physical re-embodiment, but rise to one of the three higher realms in this sphere, having to work their way up from there.

The real cause of the pristine conditions found in previous ages was that matter itself was less dense, which means that there was less “mass” for the contracting force of the Mother to pull upon. This force is not quite the same as gravity, although gravity is one of the effects of this force. To illustrate what has happened, imagine that the Earth used to be bigger and less dense than it is today. Now imagine that the gravitational force was increased, causing the planet to start shrinking, thereby compressing the same amount of matter into a smaller space. It should be obvious that this would give rise to various pressures and forces within the Earth. This would cause the Earth’s core to heat up and give rise to all of the forces that geologists have discovered in the Earth’s mantle and crust, setting the stage for volcanoes, earthquakes, continental movements, polar shifts and so on.

Obviously, this is a crude illustration, and the reality is that the physical universe was created at a certain level of vibration that was far above what is now the vibration of the lower emotional realm. The vibration of the Earth has been lowered below the original level, causing physical matter itself to actually become more dense. This is what has brought the vibration of the Earth closer to that of the lower emotional realm, causing the crossover effect described earlier. This densification of matter has created the forces that cause upheaval on the physical planet, and they are a signal to humankind that their state of consciousness affects every aspect of their physical environment. Obviously, most people have not gotten the message, but an awakening is always possible. As a side note, the fact that matter in earlier times vibrated at a higher level is part of the explanation why science – so far – has found no fossil evidence of advanced civilizations or ancient humans. Another part of the explanation is that scientists have not been looking with open minds.

As humankind’s consciousness became lower, the physical matter that makes up this planet became denser, and this drastically altered the environment. I have also explained that self-conscious beings co-create by envisioning images and then superimposing them upon the Ma-ter Light. It should be obvious that when humankind’s consciousness was lowered, they focused on lower and less pure images. Many of these images were subconscious, but they were still projected unto the Ma-ter Light. Obviously, this did not happen overnight, but over a long time-span the collective consciousness of humankind gave rise to virtually all of the imperfect and unbalanced conditions you see today, including the many physical diseases that plague your bodies.

My main point here is that co-creators were sent to Earth with the command to “multiply and have dominion.” Thus, God’s law will allow humankind to collectively lower their consciousness and “densify” an entire planet to the point where it begins to break down, as is evident in anything from climate extremes to physical disease. It is, in fact, possible that the inhabitants of a physical planet can lower their consciousness to such a point that they literally cause their planet to disintegrate because the contracting force of the Mother pulls matter apart. This has happened to a number of planets throughout the universe.

Obviously, neither God nor the spiritual overseers of Earth want to see this planet disintegrate. So even though humankind has free will, the Law of Free Will gives us some safety measures to try to prevent the inhabitants of a planet from destroying themselves and their physical home. We will take a look at one such safety measure.


As a mature spiritual seeker, it is extremely important for you to begin to understand that in the material world nothing is – presently – ideal. You have an inner longing for the spiritual realm, perhaps even a subconscious memory of it, so you feel that things should be better than what you see on Earth. Yet the material universe is still a world in which there is much darkness left, which means that the duality consciousness – and beings who are trapped in it – can continue to exist here. And what you need to understand is that the duality consciousness can distort and pervert anything—which is why there is nothing ideal in the material universe.

My point here is that the Earth was originally intended to be home to only a few groups of lifestreams, meaning that these lifestreams had some common characteristics, especially in their way of thinking. This was done as a protection mechanism in order to minimize the risk of irreconcilable conflicts. The more homogenous the population of a planet, the less likely that it will split into factions that cannot communicate – because their way of thinking is too different – and thus cannot resolve conflicts. Yet even this scenario can be perverted by the duality consciousness.

The simple fact is that while homogeneity of thinking can prevent certain conflicts, it can also prevent the inhabitants of a planet from pulling themselves out of a downward spiral once they have passed a critical point. When most of the inhabitants think alike, it is likely that they will all move in the same direction. After a critical mass of people on Earth had become blinded by the duality consciousness, they pulled the majority with them and then most people were moving together down the staircase of consciousness. Only a few people resisted this downward movement, and they could not pull the rest up. And precisely because most people thought alike, they could not see what they were doing. They could not see that they had entered a self-destructive spiral, and their similar thinking caused them to reinforce each other. There were simply not enough people with a different way of thinking to cry out with sufficient force, “But the emperor has nothing on!”

You can now see why nothing is ideal in the material world. The duality consciousness operates with two extremes, and it will always seek to pull any situation into one of those extremes. So when you have a planet on which most inhabitants think alike, the duality consciousness will tend to pull everyone into following the crowd, so they all go down together without realizing what is happening. Their similar way of thinking blinds everyone to the warning signs that would have been more obvious to people with a different way of thinking. Yet on a planet with a greater variety of thinking, the duality consciousness will polarize people into groups and create conflicts between them. And precisely because people think so differently, they will think there is no way to reconcile such conflicts. One might refer to the old saying, “You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” which is perfectly true for beings trapped in the illusions of duality.

Obviously, the spiritual overseers of humankind don’t feel damned, but we do have a very realistic assessment that once a planet has fallen into a state of duality, there is no guaranteed way of pulling it out. Everything is up to the free will of the inhabitants, and if a critical mass of them are bent on destroying their planet, we can do nothing to prevent them from doing so. What we can do, however, is to try to counteract the conditions that caused a planet to go into a self-destructive spiral, so let us look at how we have attempted to do this for Earth.


As mentioned, I am a member of a group of spiritual beings called the Ascended Host. I am part of a group that is specifically assigned to planet Earth. Yet the Ascended Host is a vast body with billions of members in this sphere and the spiritual realm. Because the spiritual realm, even the identity realm, is beyond time and space, we can communicate with each other and can, so to speak, compare notes. We do indeed hold council meetings and we can invite members from other groups to such meetings so we can learn from each other. I might mention that we obviously are beyond the duality consciousness and thus have no rivalry or sense of competition. We are fully focused on doing our job of helping unascended beings reach the ascended state, and we learn from each other whenever possible.

There are two common scenarios that cause planets to self-destruct:


  • The conflict scenario in which warring groups emerge. When they develop destructive technology, they can literally blow their planet apart. If all of the nuclear weapons on Earth were detonated at once, this planet would disintegrate and fracture into millions of pieces, none of which could sustain life.


  • The stagnation scenario in which the inhabitants of a planet refuse to grow and transcend themselves. This causes a gradual slide, until life simply becomes extinct as a result of the contracting force. Over time, we have seen many planets self-destruct for both reasons.

Referring to my previous explanation of the two basic forces, we can see that the two scenarios are both the result of a perversion of these forces:


  • The conflict scenario is the result of a perversion of the expanding force of the Father. When people become unbalanced in the expanding aspect, they tend to enter into black-and-white thinking, which causes them to think that their way is the only right way. They also feel it is their duty to force all other people to follow their way and that they should do so with any means available. Because of the nature of the dualistic mind, there will always be at least two groups who think this way, and this will set up a conflict between them that they are unable to resolve on their own. The result is often an escalation of warfare until it reaches a scale that blows their planet apart.
  • The stagnation scenario is the result of a perversion of the contracting force of the Mother. This causes the inhabitants of a planet to stop transcending themselves, thereby going against the very basic principle of life itself, namely to raise the vibration of a planet until it can ascend to a higher level. They become so content with the way things are, that they want to continue – indefinitely – to live the way they do now. When people become unbalanced in the contracting aspect, they think they don’t have to transcend but that they should seek to preserve everything the way it is instead of causing it to grow. They think the imperfect conditions in the material universe are either meant to be that way or are beyond change. This leads to a mental and spiritual inbreeding, which is a similar mechanism to what you see in a population where the gene pool becomes too shallow. Birth defects will start to appear and the population will collapse, eventually becoming extinct unless new genes – meaning new information – can be introduced.

On a number of planets you have seen one of these scenarios cause a planet to either be blown apart or become barren. The question is what has happened to the beings that caused a planet to disintegrate or be unable to support life? Well, according to the Law of Free Will, those who violate the free will of others will eventually lose their opportunity to influence others. Thus, some of the most aggressive beings from a dead planet can be dissolved. This will happen only to those who have fallen in a higher realm and have had numerous opportunities to give up the fallen consciousness yet have rejected all of them. The less aggressive beings would be taken out of the physical realm and allowed to stay in the lower levels of the emotional realm. These levels serve as a holding place for beings that have nowhere else to go (until they either change their ways or their sphere ascends and they go to the next sphere).

At some point it became apparent that many planets had followed this pattern of self-destruction. As a side note, the vast majority of the planets in the physical universe are in an ascending spiral. Even the other planets in your system have ascended to the point of having no life in the physical spectrum but only in one or more of the higher levels. At a high-level council meeting a decision was made to conduct a cosmic experiment. It became clear that in every case where a planet self-destructed, a major factor was that the inhabitants had become blinded by the duality consciousness. Thus, they simply did not recognize – through willful ignorance – that their actions could cause their own destruction and even the destruction of their planet. They simply would not believe that their minds had that kind of destructive power. Yet when beings had actually witnessed the destruction of a planet through one of the two scenarios, most of them had a rude awakening and were filled with remorse. Thus, it was decided to allow some of the beings who had taken part in destroying a planet to embody on planets that had entered a downward spiral (and passed the “point of no return”) but had not yet been destroyed.

After the Earth had entered the stagnation scenario and had descended to a point where life was beginning to break down, it was decided to allow a large number of beings from other physical planets to embody here. These were beings who had witnessed the destruction of planets for both reasons. They had at least a subconscious memory of what can happen to a planet and could provide a perspective that the inhabitants of Earth did not have. It should also be noted that the beings who came to Earth were selected to represent a very broad range of backgrounds and mindsets. The purpose was to truly “stir the pot” by bringing in beings who could provide a different and often challenging perspective to the stagnant inhabitants of the Earth. It was hoped that because of the diversity, the different groups of beings would counterbalance each other with no one group attaining dominance.

It was fully clear to the Ascended Host that this was by no means a foolproof plan. In fact, the greatest risk was clear from the beginning, namely that the many different lifestreams would congregate in distinct physical groupings and create conflicts with each other until they eventually developed technology that could cause them to blow up the Earth. Yet because the Earth was already in a downward spiral that would have ensured its destruction (had nothing drastic been done), the experiment was allowed to go forward.

Yet we did not simply stir the pot and sit back waiting to see what would happen. On the contrary, millions of lifestreams from the spiritual realm, from the higher realms of this sphere and from more evolved planets than Earth, have – over time – volunteered to take physical embodiment in an effort to counterbalance the most destructive lifestreams and help raise the consciousness of humankind.

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of the Earth have developed weapons that could blow up the planet, I can tell you that the Earth has been in an upward spiral (although with a lot of ups and downs) for quite some time. In fact, we have now reached a point where it has become possible for the Earth to take a quantum leap forward. However, this will require that those who are willing to be a part of this process awaken to their cosmic purpose and make an extraordinary effort to raise their own and the collective consciousness. And it is precisely this realization that is the purpose for this long explanation of the Earth’s complexity. Yet rest assured that we will build on the teachings in this chapter as we begin to look at how you can use this knowledge to fulfill the purpose for your being on this Earth. That purpose might be to contribute to an experiment that – if it works – is of cosmic importance. If the Earth can be raised, the experiences from this planet will be used as a model for many other planets, which can have a major impact on the universe as a whole.
Before we move on, let me mention that although the previous explanation does talk about many different lifestreams or evolutions, it does not give the full picture of every being currently embodying on Earth. Yet it does give enough knowledge to help you understand the basic dynamic of this planet, and I will fill in more of the details as we move along.


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