Why you are in embodiment in this age

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

This is why many of you are here. You came here to give Jesus his victory and through that victory of Christ set the stage for the victory of Saint Germain in a physical manifestation of the great Golden Age he envisions for this planet. For truly, unless we have the victory of Christ discernment, that Golden Age cannot and will not come about. And unless the top ten percent of the most spiritual people wake up and accept their calling to be the forerunners for Christ discernment – to find that Christ discernment in the secret chamber of their own hearts and then to shout it from the housetops – well unless they take up that calling, then the awakening, the mass awakening, will not happen. And then the Golden Age will be delayed, possibly for centuries, if it even comes about at all.

For truly, the Golden Age cannot come about with the present level of consciousness that rules the nations. And this is something we will talk more about in our upcoming conferences, both in the United States and in Europe. For I must tell you that there is indeed an awakening that is right around the corner, that is right under the surface. But something is needed in order for it to break through, so that people can realize in their conscious awareness what is going on on this planet and how they must stand up to the forces of duality that are seeking to destroy that which the ascended masters have built now for many spiritual cycles.

It is possible that the power elite and the forces of duality can lose their grip on humanity within the next couple of decades. But for this to happen, someone must make an extraordinary effort. And those someone are the people who see themselves as the most spiritually advanced people on this planet, not in a prideful way, not in an outer way, but through the inner recognition of the heart that if I don’t do it, who will? And if I don’t do it now, then when? But you see, in order for you to come to that awakening and realization, in order for you to be willing to have dominion, you must first find the reality of Being, the reality of your Christ nature, your Buddha nature. And that reality can be found not only within yourself, but only within the Eternal NOW.

I know I am painting a picture here that we need you to make an effort. And it might seem that I am encouraging you to create a new spiritual rat race, that causes you to run faster and give more prayers and decrees and rosaries and give them faster and faster so you hardly have time to breathe. But you see, that is not what I am encouraging. I am encouraging you to step outside of the human and the human-spiritual rat race. I am encouraging you to find the stillness within, the stillness that is not stillstand in some imagined place of rest or Nirvana. No, I encourage you to find the stillness that is the stillness of the River of Life, which flows ever so gently but nevertheless is unstoppable by any of the forces in this world.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.


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