Why the top 10 percent are the key

Ascended Master Jesus, May 20, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, the greatest potential for an awakening in Europe is that the top 10 percent of the people realize the existence of this power elite, realize what they have always been doing, realize how they have been using any means available to them – including any ideology or belief system – and stand up and say, “We have had enough of this! This cannot go on on our continent. We will not see our continent be responsible for the spreading of these false ideas that have been used to suppress the people.”

“We will instead turn our continent into a cradle for a new, universal spiritual mindset that will finally free the people from the domination of the power elite by bringing forth the truth and the reality that every human being is not simply an animal or a worthless sinner but is indeed a son or daughter of God, is an individualization of God, come here to be a co-creator and bring God’s kingdom to earth. Rather than this kingdom of man that we have seen in so many versions that it is nauseating to look back at the pages of history.”

What can bring about this awakening? Well, as I said, it has already begun. And if you hold the vision and do your best, then you will do all you can do to bring it about and others will pitch in as well. And it will happen. But I will tell you that it has been a clear strategy and goal of the power elite – not necessarily those in physical in embodiment who did not have the awareness of what is going on, but certainly, as I talked about yesterday, the greater conspiracy in the etheric, mental and emotional realm of those who are the fallen beings in the serpentine consciousness exposed in Maitreya’s book – it has been their strategy for a long time to suppress the top 10 percent by making them believe, as we have talked about, that they have no right, they have no authority, to take a stand – they cannot take a stand – and divert them into believing that they are nothing more than animals and that life has no meaning whatsoever.

The ideology and belief system of scientific materialism is indeed the primary means used today to divert the attention of the top 10 percent of the people on this planet. These are the people who at inner levels have the spiritual maturity to be part of the awakening but who in their outer minds have been so misled by the scientific world view, that they have come to believe that they are only animals, that life has no real purpose and meaning, that there is no life after the death of the body. And therefore, there really is no other purpose, no long-term purpose, to life, so it is just, “Enjoy what we have right now, for tomorrow we die.”

There are many people on this continent – and of course throughout the world as well, but especially on this continent – there are many people who have the maturity already to be forerunners for this awakening. But their outer minds have been so twisted and misled, that they do not even dare conceive that they could be part of the spiritual awakening of the same momentous proportions as the awakening brought forth by my mission in Israel or by the Buddha’s mission in India.

Do you see, my beloved? The world truly has examples of how, suddenly, one person started something but others picked up on it, and suddenly a shift occurred in the mindset of an entire area, eventually spreading to the entire world. This can happen again, but as we have said, it must be many people who drive it this time, not just one person. And that is why the power elite have indeed sought to create a belief system that makes people unable or unwilling to even conceive that they could truly make a difference.

Understanding how the power elite seeks to destroy individuality

The reality is that each person on earth has infinite value in the eyes of God, because each person is an extension of God’s own Being. The conscious self of each person is an extension of God’s own being. Therefore, we of the ascended masters, and the Creator of this universe, place infinite value on the individual, on individuality. Certainly, we desire to see all live up to their highest potential – namely your spiritual identity and individuality – rather than the so-called individuality of the ego, which truly is not individuality for it is simply out of the mass consciousness.

Yet you must understand that the power elite have no respect whatsoever for individuality, at least not an individuality beyond their own. They want to destroy your individuality. They want to create a race of mechanized people who are like robots that will passively do whatever they are told by the elite—or that will at least be passively misled into creating the kind of society that allows the elite to stay in control.

Many of you will know from growing up in Europe, that from very early childhood, you were exposed to very subtle beliefs that suppressed your individuality, that caused you to feel that you had no inherent worth, that you could not truly make a difference. And so you look at some of the people throughout history who have made a difference and you say, “They must have been special. I could not do this. What chance do I have? I am worth nothing, for I have been told this by my society from a very early age. I have been treated like cattle, like a sheep that should be herded into the fold and then not make any trouble after that.”

This is what you need to come to a greater awareness of. And you need to come to a determination where you reach for that spark – that spark of divine fire in your own being – and you recognize that you do have a God-given individuality. And by the very fact that you exist, you have the authority to express that individuality on earth. For I can assure you that the truth that, “Without him was not anything made that was made” means that you were made by God. And therefore, God gave you opportunity to be embodied on earth, and that means that God has given you the right to express your divine, spiritual individuality on this planet.

You who are spiritual people should be able to recognize that there is no higher authority than God. And therefore, no authority on earth has the right to take away what God has given. And you have a divine right to express your individuality—and do not let any authority on earth – be it the state or a scientific establishment or the Catholic Church or any other religion – do not let them take it away from you. For if you do, you violate the first two commandments—thou shalt have no other gods before me and thou shalt not take unto thyself any graven image. When you take unto yourself the graven image of the fallen beings, well then you begin to worship that image as reality, thinking there is nothing beyond it. And then you make that image and the people who promote it your god. And then you start worshiping the false gods who have set themselves up, claiming to be the true God.

This did indeed happen to the people at various times during the Old Testament. And you will see this when you realize that there were times when the people believed they were told by their God to massacre other tribes that they had conquered. This certainly could not be the true God of Abraham, the true God of infinite and unconditional love. You see that throughout the history of the world, many people have worshipped the false gods—as many people in Europe today worship the false god of scientific materialism. For scientific materialism is not what it claims to be—it is not a scientific ideology. It is a religious philosophy that simply denies God, instead of worshiping a false god, like the many orthodox religions throughout the world.

Dare to go beyond the false gods

So dare to go within. Dare to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Dare to seek that kingdom within yourself. Dare to connect to what you know in your hearts, namely that there is a truth that is beyond the man-made doctrines and belief systems. Dare to recognize that even though you have been exposed to this manipulation from early childhood, even from early childhood you had an inner sense that there was something more, there was something beyond it. Dare to recognize that you are more than cattle, you are indeed the sons and daughters of God, you are indeed the spiritually mature people who volunteered to come into embodiment to drive the awakening that is simply just waiting to happen.

Dare to connect to your divine plan. Dare to Be who you are and dare to stand up and let that light shine. Dare to express it, so that other people can take courage and inspiration from your example and see that perhaps we really are more than animals, perhaps we really are more than sinners, perhaps we all have a divine spark, a potential to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and other spiritual saints and sages who have found a higher way of life. Perhaps we all have the potential to rise above the human condition and bring forth a new philosophy, a new day, a new era in human society that finally breaks the stranglehold that the power elite has had over the people for so many thousands of years.

Dare to take responsibility for yourself, and for your nations, and for your continent and for your world. And you will inspire others beyond what your outer minds can even conceive is possible. For I tell you, even beyond what you do on the outer, there is an immense power in you making the inner decision to accept your spiritual identity. For that will spread like rings in the water in the collective consciousness. Surely, you know that all people are connected through the mind, through the collective mind. And so the real battle for planet earth is not fought in the physical; it is fought in the mental, emotional and etheric realms. It is fought in the mind, for it is a battle for the minds of the people.

Did I not start out saying that it is through your beliefs – through the WORD – that you hold in your mind that you impress images upon the ma-ter light and therefore co-create the physical conditions you encounter? So we have now come full circle, where you realize that the physical manifestations – even the existence of the power elite and their suppression – are simply an outpicturing in form of what is going on at the mental, emotional and etheric levels of the mind. And therefore, it is at these levels that the battle is truly fought and won.

And that is why I want to impress upon you, that even when you make that decision in your own mind – to accept who you are – you are doing something to raise up humankind, especially when you hold true to that decision. And when you are willing to be aware that the onslaught from the mass consciousness will come to you to try to weaken your resolve, to tear down your decision. But when you are willing to stand up against that onslaught – to openly look at your own consciousness and see what beliefs make you vulnerable to the mass consciousness, and overcome those beliefs – well, by you doing this individually, you are actually resolving part of the collective consciousness, the illusions in the collective consciousness. So by freeing yourself, you are not only freeing yourself but many other people.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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