Why the masters are grateful

Ascended Master Jesus, June 17, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Today we are very grateful for the fact that there are some people who are willing to listen to us, even though we do not appear in some tangible manifestation. We are grateful that there are some willing to recognize that if everything on earth is not real, if it is just a reality simulator, there must be something beyond the simulator. There might be beings beyond the simulator and they might be able to communicate with us if we are open, if we are willing to question certain realities in the simulator.

My beloved, I have give you important keys that if internalized and applied can take you far, until you begin actually to receive other keys from within yourself. Certainly, why am I speaking to you through an outer messenger? It is because there is still so many things that you believe are real, so many appearances that you believe are real, that you cannot – at least not always – hear me directly inside your own being.

Yet as you walk the path of questioning what you think is real, there will come a point where you also begin to question: “Why am I separated from the ascended masters? Why do I need an outer messenger, why am I not hearing or at least sensing the masters inside myself?”

When you look at the beliefs you have that make you think that you are not worthy – you are not ready, you are not sophisticated enough – and when you begin to question those beliefs, then at some point the veil will come down. You will begin to realize that if you acknowledge that one or a few people can be the open door, then “what one has done, all can do.” And you are one of those who can also be an open door in some measure.

Certainly, you can get your own inner direction for your own life, even if it is not your role to teach others—which it is not for some of you. Although all of you teach the people around you, your children, your family, your co-workers and other people you meet.

Again, simply our gratitude for the fact that you have accomplished this work and freed the Australian continent from this beast that has been encrusted here for far too long. This is a new day, a new opportunity for you personally and for this continent, and we indeed look forward to seeing what shall come of it in the coming decades.

Thus, I, Jesus, extend the fullness of my gratitude to you for your presence, for your patience, for your willingness to open your hearts and minds that I might pull aside the veil of reality, which is truly the veil of Maya, the veil of illusion, the veil of unreality. And with this, I thank you and I seal you in my infinite Flame of Peace.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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