Why the first shall be last

Ascended Master Jesus, December 25, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

If you look at spiritual organizations, you will see that there are many people who have put forth a great effort. They have taken up leadership positions in those organizations. And many of them have been responsible for putting forth the effort that has helped those organizations grow to where they are today. Yet too many of these leaders have become stuck in the consciousness that I am talking about here, of seeking to elevate themselves and their organization, building the subtle sense of superiority that they belong to the most important spiritual organization on the planet—because their organization has the highest teachings on the planet or is sponsored by the ascended masters or whatever outer characteristic they use to build a sense of superiority that truly can spring only from the ego.

You see many who have taken up leadership positions and consider themselves worthy to hold a leadership position in a spiritual organization. Yet I must tell you frankly that nobody who has not stepped onto the path of selfless service is worthy to hold any position of authority or leadership in any spiritual organization whatsoever. That is why I said to my disciples, “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” (Matthew 20:27).

What I am asking you to do today is to realize that what I said to my disciples 2,000 years ago was a reflection of humankind’s consciousness at the time. It is now 2,000 years later. We are now on the brink of entering the Aquarian age, and if you want to be a true spiritual seeker in the Aquarian age, you need to raise your consciousness beyond what it was in the past. And you need to raise your consciousness beyond the entire level of consciousness that compares itself to others.

Do you see that my disciples, even though they had followed me for three years – and had the opportunity to internalize my teachings through my example by being in my Presence – they had not truly internalized my message. They were fighting amongst themselves about who would be the leader among them when I passed from the screen of life. Can you see that in so doing they were stuck in the duality consciousness of comparing, of thinking that one person was more important than others, that one position in a spiritual movement is more important than others. And thus, by attaining this position, you have elevated yourself above others and now your ego can feel safe that it must be saved when you hold such a high position. Can you see that this is simply the consciousness of duality?

And therefore, I tell you that in the Aquarian age this state of consciousness will not be tolerated. We will, as long as we have messengers who are able to receive our word in a pure form, mercilessly expose those who come to spiritual organizations with this state of consciousness.

The requirement is clear. You must be committed to overcoming the ego. You must be committed to walking the path of selfless service. For truly, as Archangel Michael has said, it is not the outer results you achieve that are the most important to us. What is most important to us is the sense of inner oneness with each other, with the ascended masters and with God within you. This is what matters to us, because we desire to create spiritual movements that will demonstrate the path of selfless service, as it has not been demonstrated for the past 2,000 years and beyond. This is our commitment from Above and we are looking for those who will make that same commitment here below.

The real goal is oneness

Let me state something very, very clearly. In many spiritual organizations too many students have become trapped in thinking that because their organization had this or that unique feature, it had to be the most important organization on the planet, it was the essential organization for saving the world and bringing in the Golden Age of Aquarius. And therefore, the organization itself became a goal instead of a means to an end.

Suddenly people started thinking that the most important thing was to make the organization grow and to get the teachings out no matter how they did so. People began thinking that they did not have to internalize the teachings but that it was more important to focus on outer achievements, giving so and so many decrees, putting on so and so many lectures, selling so and so many books. My Beloved hearts, this is not important in the Aquarian age! It is not the outer results we look for.

We do not care how many members you attract, how many books you sell, how many people you reach, how many people you convert, how much money you have, how much property you can buy. We do not care about these outer things, for we would rather have a few people who would come into total oneness with each other and total oneness with the ascended masters. For I will tell you that if even a small number of you in embodiment would come into that oneness, then through your oneness we could save the world.

I will not tell you how big that number is, but I will tell you that compared to the size of many spiritual and religious organizations in the world today, it is a very small number. In a sense we might say that the number is one. For if we have a number of people who have come into oneness, then we have the oneness of God in manifestation on earth. And the oneness of God is always a majority, is always the decisive force that can solve any problem. For as I said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” With the consciousness of separation, where people seek to elevate themselves rather than elevating all life, it is impossible to solve the many problems you see in the world. But when people come into the consciousness of oneness, the power of God through them can solve all of the problems you see in the world.

Thus, this is what we desire to see for you. We applaud you, those of you who have already demonstrated that you are willing to come into oneness and use this teaching as a tool to expand your oneness. We see you around the world, many of you sitting individually, but you come together in other ways through the means of communication here below, or you come together in the spiritual realm, in the spiritual sense, through a sense of oneness that transcends all physical means of communication.

We applaud those of you who have started walking that path of oneness. And I hope that my discourse today will clarify for you what the path is really all about. I even hope against hope that my discourse will reach some of the lawyers who are stuck on the path of separation and awaken them and make them realize that no matter what they have done in the past, they can transcend that state of consciousness and they can be welcomed into oneness—as they are willing to raise their motivation and their approach.

So my beloved hearts, I now bless the communion and I hope you will partake of this communion with a greater sense of why Christ gave his body and blood so that you might absorb it, and through absorbing the consciousness of Christ, come into oneness with Christ, oneness with God and oneness with God in each other and in all life. Thus I, Jesus Christ, charge this communion with the Spirit of Oneness that I AM, with the Spirit of Oneness with which I have been one for now 2,000 years, with the Spirit of Oneness with which every ascended master has become one and remains one. Thus, I say, “It is done. It is finished!”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

Copyright © 2005 Kim Michaels