Why the first fallen beings fell

Ascended Master Archangel Michael, June 10, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Take note of exactly how this doubt started. You heard the teaching given by Maitreya, that the original fall took place in a higher sphere. This sphere had been brought close to the ascension point by a majority of the beings entering a positive spiral. Then came the test, that those who had risen to a certain level, where they saw themselves as the leaders, were now asked to go down to the seemingly lowest point and allow their beings, their momentum, their attainment to be used to create the very next sphere.

They were not willing to bend the knee; they were not willing to do what they saw as a degradation of their position. For some of them, although they had been doing positive work to raise up the sphere, they still had some leftover of the consciousness of thinking they were doing this to reap a reward in heaven. So that when their sphere was ascended – they having been among the forerunners, or so they saw themselves – would surely be rewarded with a high position in heaven.

Yet, I come to reveal to you another understanding, another layer of understanding, of our unfolding, progressive revelation on this topic of the fall and the fallen consciousness. For you see, those who thought that they were the leaders were actually not the ones who had brought their sphere to the ascension point. As Jesus said, the meek shall inherit the earth. There were billions of lifestreams in that sphere who had truly embodied selflessness, because they had transcended the separate consciousness. They had no desire to be in a superior position to anyone else. Some of them did serve in leadership positions, others did not, they simply worked selflessly at whatever they felt was their calling, their divine plan, their desire to express their God-individuality. So the reality is, that those who were allowed to be among the leaders, were not necessarily allowed that position because they had attainment.

For some of them had indeed not overcome all remnants of the separate self, the separate consciousness, the force-based consciousness. They wanted to set themselves above, and they were allowed – mind you “allowed” – to be in leadership positions because by acting out this desire for superiority, they received another opportunity to overcome it, to have had enough of the experience, so that they could in the end choose to let go of that remnant of the separate self and merge with their divine individuality, and thus truly become part of the ascended masters.

For we have all gone through the process of completely letting go of the separate self. For how else could we enter the ascended realm, where all is oneness? Letting go of the separate self does not mean letting go of your divine individuality; it means letting go of the separate individuality, the separate self, that you have built in the world of form. So you see, there was a group of beings who had been allowed to assume superior positions, leadership positions in that sphere in order to give them an opportunity to let go of the need to feel superior, to accept that all self-aware beings are individualizations of God and therefore none can be superior to another. For it makes no sense that one expression of God is superior to another.

Thus, when the turning point came – when the point of no return came, where the sphere was ready to ascend – these beings were faced with this ultimate test. Could they now let go of the separate identity – in which case they could have stepped up and perhaps been assigned a leadership position in the spiritual realm – or would they not be able to let go of the separate self? And they were given this test by being confronted with the need to be the servant of all. And yet, they were not willing to be greatest among you by being the servant of all. They wanted to remain in what they thought was a position of being greatest among their peers while still being a servant of the separate self, seeking to elevate that self to a superior position. And thus, of course, they fell. 


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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