Why Jesus’ teachings were perverted and why they need to be restored

Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 27, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

Oh I wish that many of those who are alive today, and who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, could now experience the state of consciousness that we faced in that dark age. The age when I came to hold the balance for my Son Jesus, as he came forth to bring an extraordinary dispensation and an extraordinary spiritual teaching.

If you could experience but a glimpse of the darkness that was rampant in the earth back then, you would truly understand why it was impossible for Jesus to give the fullness of his spiritual teaching to the multitudes. You would then understand why this inner teaching, this true teaching of the true coming, the first coming, of Christ was given only to those of his disciples that were able to bear it. And let me say that even most of his close disciples did not fully understand this inner teaching.

If you could understand the darkness of the collective human consciousness of the time, you would understand why the teachings of my Son were distorted almost immediately. The very fact that the multitudes were not able to hear his inner teaching also explains why they immediately began to distort and misinterpret his outer teachings. This then should explain to you why Christianity never became the religion it was intended to be and why, almost from the very beginning, it was plagued by a lack of understanding of the true inner mission of my Son Jesus.

The inescapable need for a restoration of Christianity

You would then understand why it was almost inevitable that, over the course of the first few centuries of the Christian religion, power plays and politicking entered into this new faith and distorted it virtually beyond recognition. If you could see the immense contrast between the consciousness that dominated earth in those dark days and the much lighter consciousness of humankind today, you would instantaneously recognize that Christianity, as you know it today, is almost entirely the product of the lower state of consciousness that humankind had during the first many centuries of this Christian dispensation, this 2,000-year Age of Pisces.

You would then instantly recognize and understand that because the consciousness of humankind has now been raised to a much higher level, there is an inescapable and undeniable need for the restoration of the true teachings of Jesus Christ, the inner teachings of Jesus Christ. Not only were his inner teachings, that he gave to his disciples, not recorded, (at least not in a way that has so far been found and made public). On top of that, the outer teachings that he did give were recorded only partially. And they have since been degraded, misinterpreted and mistranslated so many times, that only a very astute and intuitive person can discover the true inner message that my Son Jesus came to bring to this planet. A message that he gave his life to bring forth, and that those who took his life to silence him have done everything in their power to destroy.


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