Why Jesus embodied in the Middle East

Ascended Master Surya, October 25, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

What is God Government? It must begin when you recognize, that God Government cannot spring from the masculine aspect alone, but must spring from a state of balance between masculine and feminine. And thus, it cannot be based on a hatred of the feminine, on hatred of the Mother, but only on respect for the Mother.

The lie that springs from the epic dramas is that a government is meant to secure some material goal, such as for example you see right here in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, which is so focused on securing the material goal of defending the State of Israel and its right to exist. Is it indeed God-ordained, that a state should exist at all costs? Nay, it is not, it never has been, it never can be. Is this not the lesson that the Israeli people, that the Jewish people, should have learned based on their history? Can they not then look back and see that the reason why they were conquered, the reason why they were driven into exile, was indeed a projection of their own consciousness, where they wanted to be seen as God’s chosen people; those who are envied by all who are not from their background.

If you have this extreme need to feel elevated above others, then you need others to act as if they are jealous of you, as if they hate you, as if they are angry at you, as if they want to threaten you. Do you see, that this is simply a necessity, born from the drama of wanting to feel as God’s chosen people? You must then project that drama upon others, and then the cosmic mirror says, “Well then, we will surround you with people who are trapped in another drama and who also need someone to hate, someone to be angry with, someone to blame for their situation.”

As always, you see that like attracts like, in the sense that those who have overlapping dramas, are attracted to embody in the same geographical area, where there, therefore, will be tension, an ongoing, never-ending, perpetual tension between them. You see here an example of this consciousness, where those who are the leaders of the State of Israel have adopted a policy, that they have a right to defend themselves with all means possible. Is this not simply a version of the consciousness, that the ends can justify the means? Well, indeed it is for those who have eyes to see.

For what, indeed, is necessary? If you go into a psychiatric hospital and find a patient with extreme paranoia, well, that person will feel threatened by just about anything. Does that mean, that the person really is threatened or does it mean that the person only feels threatened, based on how he or she looks at the world from inside that particular mental box? Can you not see, that the Israeli government and the Israeli people have also created a mental box? And the mental box becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral, where they will feel more and more threatened, simply because they are projecting their mental images upon their neighbors.

Do you not understand – as we have said before – that there was a reason why Jesus embodied here. It is not that this land was any more holy than any other pile of rocks in any other desert around the world, but that the consciousness here was so low, that there was a need to bring some kind of balance. And this is what Jesus came to bring, when he said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” But what did he say before: “Love God, with all your heart, mind and soul.” Unless you love God first, you cannot realize, that everything in the material universe is an expression of the Living God. And when you know, that you are an expression of the Living God, and your neighbor is an expression of the Living God, well, only then can you love your neighbor as yourself, because you see that your neighbor IS yourself, is an extension of that greater self; the one undivided, indivisible self of the Creator itself.

This, then, was why Jesus came here—to change that consciousness of warfare, hatred, anger. Did he not come to show, that no one can indeed be God’s chosen people, for all are God’s chosen people? Did not Paul say, that there is no Jew or Gentile in Christ, for all are reborn and become new people, new Beings in Christ. Imagine that this truth had been understood and accepted by the people in this region, so that a new universal awareness had spread.

I am not thereby saying, that the Jews or the Arabs should have become Christians. What I am saying is, that Jesus could have been seen as a universal teacher, bringing forth a teaching that cannot be classified or turned into a rigid religion. If this consciousness had been embraced, then the Jews would no longer have seen themselves as the only chosen people. Christianity would not have developed as a sectarian, rigid religion. Perhaps Islam would not even have been necessary, or at least it would not have been the dualistic religion that it was from the start. Everything could have been different, if there had been enough people who were willing to embrace the universality of Christ. But they were not here; their consciousness was not high enough, for they were so overpowered by the downward spiral, the downward spiral of hatred of the Mother.

That spiral has been arrested this day, it has been stopped! The beast has been consumed as I am speaking these words. What that means is, there is now a new opportunity given for the people in the Middle East to rethink their approach to life, without having the gravitational, magnetic pull of this black hole, this downward spiral, this bottomless pit of anger and hatred and self-hatred and anger against self, anger against God. Anger against God the Mother, but even anger against God the Father, for there is an unwillingness to recognize, that the true God the Father is beyond form and thus cannot be the tribal God – the tribal God on steroids, so to speak – that you see in the Torah, in the Old Testament.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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