Why it is not productive to cling to one particular religious or spiritual teaching

Ascended Master Jesus, October 23, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

And thus, my beloved, I must tell you a very serious truth that many people will be reluctant to acknowledge. There are many people who have taken an outer teaching, whether given by this or that organization, and they have accepted it as being true and valid. Yet they have come to the point of accepting that it must be an absolute and infallible truth, and therefore it could never be expanded upon.
So many of these people go into a fear mode of thinking that if they look at anything outside the teaching they have accepted, they will either go to hell or be trapped by the false hierarchy impostors of the ascended masters. And therefore, they refuse to listen to my Living Word, as I give it today—because they are afraid that those words come from false hierarchy impostors.
Yet my beloved, the belief that an outer teaching can shield you from the forces of anti-christ is an illusion. There is a time when a student is new on the path and therefore does not have a solid foundation. Such a student can easily be confused or overwhelmed by the many false teachings out there—but can even be confused by different true teachings. And therefore, it is valid that such a new student focus all attention on one particular valid teaching, and focus attention on it for a time.
But there does come a point where you need to step up and go on to the inner path that takes you beyond the outer teaching, so that the outer teaching does not become a set of crutches that prevent you from walking as the God-free being you are. And if you do not make that leap, then the outer teaching can no longer protect you from the false hierarchy—and here is why.
The essential aspect of the spiritual path is that you are trapped in the duality consciousness. Your mind is trapped in a mental box made up of many individual beliefs. Some might be true, some might be partially true and affected by the duality consciousness and some are entirely springing from that duality consciousness. But overall, the picture you have is either slightly dualistic or at the very least a stationary image of God’s truth. And any stationary image becomes a graven image because it is not moving on. As long as you cling to a graven image, your mind is trapped in the consciousness of duality.
My Beloved hearts, the ascended masters are above the level of duality. We do not descend into duality. We do not communicate with people at the level of duality. We use those who have been able to raise their consciousness beyond duality to bring forth a message that is meant to show you that there is something beyond duality. But once the teaching is in physical form, it becomes static. And if you cling to it, you turn that true teaching into a dualistic teaching, as I have explained. And that means that you lose the direct thread of contact to the ascended masters. And now, what happens is that you become vulnerable to the false hierarchy impostors who pose as ascended masters—but they are still in the realm of duality.
And it is the fact that your mind has used a true teaching to build or reinforce a dualistic image – it is this very misuse of a true teaching, this very act of turning a true teaching into a graven image – that makes you vulnerable to the false hierarchy. And therefore, I must tell you that those who are members of any of the organizations we have sponsored throughout eternity – be it the Christian religion, the Buddhist religion, Islam, Taoism, or any New Age teaching – those who are the rigid members, who cling to a specific mental image of the path, they are all vulnerable to the false hierarchy and their own egos who whisper in their ears, “You don’t have to change. You don’t really have to look at the beam in your own eye because you have done all these outer things, you have this wonderful outer teaching that is the highest teaching on the planet.”  Which by the way they all believe—that their teaching is the highest teaching on the planet.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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