Why did Jesus preach in the hills?

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009, through Kim Michaels.

So, my beloved, how did you like to ask permission to come to the place, where I supposedly gave my Sermon on the Mount? Quite an experience, is it not? Or was it on this hill I gave the Sermon on the Mount, or the next hill over or the one to the East? Well, no one really knows, do they? So they guess. They study the Scriptures. They analyze. They look at the landscape. And then they go out and say; “Well, we don`t really know, but we have to pick some hill, so let’s pick this one—and then they think they can set this in stone for all eternity. And what they are doing is indeed building a monument, that demonstrates their own unwillingness to go within and contact the living Christ in their hearts.

The Church built behind me by the Catholic Church is not a house of worship; it is not a house that is dedicated to worshiping the living Christ. It is a statement of OWNERSHIP, for they think they can own the living Christ. They think they can encase my Spirit in a house build of stone, a house build with hands, or in a scripture, a doctrine, a set of rules and regulations. Like you have, indeed, seen it in Jerusalem, in the mosque and at the western wall where you, the disciples of the living Christ, were not welcome, because you would not follow the outer rules, but would follow only your hearts.

Why did Jesus preach in the hills?

So, my beloved, was it this hill or the next? Or does it matter at all? Is it not more relevant to ask why did I, Jesus, go into the hills to preach, instead of staying in the villages? Well it was because they would not let me into their synagogues. They did not want me to come in there and rock the boat. So I went to the hills, where I could speak freely, for there were no buildings, no rules, no regulations. Thus, I could let the spirit blow where it listeth and shatter the mental boxes of those who were willing to listen.

Even those who came only in the hope of some miracle of healing, even those I could speak to from the heart to their hearts. If they were willing to listen within the heart, rather than reading in the Scriptures, studying and analyzing, whether what I said was in accordance with the Jewish scriptures or their interpretation of them, as you indeed see Christians today looking at the Christian scriptures.

And they will analyze whether what I say is in accordance with the scriptures or their particular interpretation of them. As, my beloved, I see people do all the time as they find my website, and they immediately find some little thing that they think is not in accordance with their outer interpretation of the outer scripture. And they use it as an excuse for rejecting the entire site and even rejecting the concept that I, the living, ascended Jesus Christ, could be speaking to humankind today through a vessel who is a nobody, for he is not a member of the priesthood of any authorized Church.

What is the need for external authority, when you have the internal authority of the Living Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Living Word? For if the Living Word cannot stir your heart, then your heart has become like a stone. You are one of the dead, and you can go and bury your dead as far as I am concerned. For I did not come to this earth to preach to the dead, and I am not here to preach to the dead today. I am here to preach to those who are willing to leave the death consciousness behind—with all it entails, including these monuments of ownership, that they have built supposedly in my name. But how could they ever be in my name, for I am forever more than any man-made monument, that they can dream up with their duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ, that wants people to worship an outer symbol, an outer manifestation, instead of going within and discovering that living God, who is beyond all form, thus beyond all manifestations, all religions, all Scriptures.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.


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