When you allow anti-christ to define your image of Christ, is it any wonder that you cannot be free?

 A message from Jesus through Kim Michaels:

 As I have said, Christianity has been completely taken over by the consciousness and the forces of anti-christ. Do you begin to see what this means?

It means that the image of Christ that has been promoted by the Christian religion for over 1700 years is indeed a complete illusion. It was deliberately designed by the mind of anti-christ in order to keep people trapped behind the veil of illusions formed by the consciousness of anti-christ. Thus, even though I came to set people free from the consciousness of anti-christ, the false image of me has become the primary tool for creating an almost total form of mental slavery.

What is Christ and what is anti-christ? Well, the shortest possible explanation is that Christ is the consciousness that sees the oneness of all life, the oneness of Creator and creation. Anti-christ is the consciousness that actively denies this oneness and instead presents an image of a world with separate compartments. There either is no God or he is the remote God in the sky; not the God who resides in the kingdom within you.

Anti-christ is ultimately not real. It is an illusion that can exist only in the minds of self-aware beings. And that explains why it MUST keep people trapped in illusions, because otherwise anti-christ will literally die. It has no life of its own, so it can continue to exist only by stealing the life-blood – the consciousness – of self-aware beings. 

Christ comes to set you free from the illusion of separation, so you can accept the reality that you are an individualized extension of your Creator’s being and consciousness. Thus, you can never actually be separated from your God; separation can exist only as an illusion in your mind and in the collective mind of the inhabitants on a planetary unit.

Given that anti-christ must keep you trapped in illusion in order to survive, is it any wonder that the forces of anti-christ took over the Christian religion and have used it to promote an entirely false image of Christ? They have thus turned the Christian religion into a closed system, from which there is no escape. 

For the primary feature of anti-christ is that it colors the way you see EVERYTHING. And when everything you see is colored by anti-christ, you simply have no frame of reference for knowing that there is something outside the illusions you see. Thus, Christ comes to give you this frame of reference, so that you might indeed make an informed choice between the reality of Christ and the unreality of anti-christ.

By applying the teachings and tools I give on this and our other websites, you will be able to free yourself from the illusions of anti-christ. And as enough people do this, the momentum will become unstoppable, until the forces of anti-christ literally lose the grip they have on this planet. That event is not as far off as one might think; yet it is not a manifest reality either. It will take millions of people who claim their Christhood, and my purpose for this website is to help as many as possible come to that point of fully and consciously choosing LIFE.




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