When leaders feel threatened

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

This is indeed why Jesus said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. For what happens when those who are the most experienced, those who have attained positions of leadership, become rigid in their approach to the path or in their approach to a particular teaching or organization? Well, I will tell you what happens. Their growth comes to a halt.

Yet there are those who have not been in the organization for as long, and they have not become rigid and they are still committed to growth. So they use the teaching or the organization to grow, and there comes the inevitable point where they start growing beyond the level of spiritual attainment of those who are in leadership positions. What will inevitably happen is that those in leadership positions suddenly feel threatened by those that they had considered as being below them in the hierarchy that they had established in their minds.

Suddenly they realize that these newcomers, these upstarts, want more than just passively following the leaders. And in some cases it is true that those who are less experienced want to fulfill their ego desires, or maybe they lust after the power of those in positions of leadership. And thus, truly, they are not worthy of those positions.

Yet I must tell you that in virtually every organization of any merit there is a certain group of people who are beginning to grow out of the ego and manifest their Christhood, and thus they have an inevitable and unstoppable longing to express that Christhood. They truly are the ones who are worthy to hold positions of leadership or in other ways express their Christhood within the framework of the organization. And if those who have positions of leadership were equally committed to manifesting and expressing their Christhood, there would be no conflict. For truly, all would then find their place and be able to express their Christ attainment and their God flames. But what inevitably happens is that the leaders who have lost their commitment to growth feel threatened, and so they seek to hold back the ones that are growing in Christhood.

The greatest tragedy in spiritual organizations

My Beloved, this is the greatest tragedy of any spiritual organization—when this process comes to a head and the inevitable confrontation occurs. So many scenarios have outplayed themselves throughout the ages that if I were to tell you about them, you would literally feel nauseated. You would feel like throwing up in disgust by seeing how the ego – again and again – has managed to cause sincere spiritual seekers to enter into the dualistic game of trying to prove who is right and whose ego is better than whose.

My Beloved hearts, this has been going on for so long that we of the ascended masters have simply had enough. We have said, “Enough is enough. It is time for us to establish organizations and movements on this planet, where these ego games can no longer destroy the organization and destroy those who are sincerely following the path.” Thus we ask those of you who are open to this new dispensation, those who are open to Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, to commit yourself to overcoming these ego games, first in yourselves and then seeking to help others overcome them.

I speak sternly now, for I do indeed come as the force of the Father, the force of the Buddha, to bring you into alignment with the higher will of your own being and make you see that you too have tired of these ego games. You have in many past lifetimes been involved with spiritual movements. You have put forth sincere efforts, only in the end to see your efforts dashed and your pearls cast before swine, where they were devoured by those who were so caught up in the ego games that they would not let them go.

You too have come to the point, where you have said, “Enough is enough” and that is why you are where you are today in consciousness. Yet I know that there are some spiritual people who are not yet open to the teachings we are giving because you have been too hurt, they have been too put down. And you have allowed yourself to take those hurts personally, to become attached to them, so that you are not willing to let them go. You are not willing to realign yourself with the higher will of the Father which says, “My child it is time to come home. It is time to stop playing in the sand. It is time to stop hiding your head in the sand, but to rise up, stand firm and be who you are. Come up higher! Let go of these old hurts, let go of these old wounds and realize that you were hurt by others because they were trapped by the ego and you allowed yourself to feel hurt because you were trapped by the ego.”

The only solution is that someone has to step outside of that ego game. And my beloved hearts, I am calling you to be that one who will step outside of the ego game and recommit yourself to the true path, the path of Oneness. This truly is what we desire to see happen in the coming years. This is why Maitreya was granted this dispensation of the Sphere of Oneness, which I must tell you is a grand dispensation when you consider what is going on on this planet at this very moment in so many areas, where the ego games are allowed to run rampant even to the point that people are willing to kill millions of people in order to prove that their religion or their ideology is right.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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