What it means to be a fallen being

Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 27, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

It is entirely possible for a lifestream to come into embodiment – even to go below what we have called the 48th level of consciousness, even to descend into a selfish state of mind, to some degree of selfishness – and yet still be innocent. Because you are just experiencing life through your perception filter and you are acting based on your perception.

Do you understand what I am saying, my beloved? You may look at many events in the world, both today and in history. You may look at a person who went on a crusade and killed other people, feeling absolutely convinced he was doing the work of Christ and that he would be rewarded in heaven for doing so. He would not be rewarded in heaven, he would make karma but he could still be in a state of innocence because he sincerely believed his perception filter was real and he was acting based on that perception filter.

There were people who did this. There is almost in every war and conflict some people who have been – admittedly – fooled into taking on an impure perception filter, a perception filter based on the serpentine consciousness that the ends can justify the means. But they are still in a state of innocence in the sense that they are simply acting based on their perception filter. And they have no other intention than to fulfil their mission as they see it through their perception filter.

Surely it is never ultimately justified in the eyes of God to kill another human being, because it is interfering with their physical life but nevertheless it is still a physical action. Now my beloved, now take Jesus’ words again: “ye are of your father the devil.” Not everyone who kills another human being are the sons of the devil, in the sense that they have not made themselves the offspring of the consciousness that Jesus referred to as Satan, or the devil, or the prince of this world. They have been fooled by that consciousness, they have taken on a certain state of consciousness for they have not fully aligned themselves with the fallen beings.

Now then, what does it mean to be a fallen being, to be a son of the devil? Well, it means that you have a clear intent not simply to live life through your perception filter, but to force other people to live their life through your perception filter rather than their own.

This is the essence of the serpentine consciousness, the intent to manipulate others to live their life based on your perception instead of their own. What is it you have to do to force people to live their life based on your perception that comes to them from the outside rather than their own perception which is what they see inside their own minds? Well, you have to be able to control their minds, you have to be able to enter their minds and why would they give you access to their minds, my beloved?

They would do so only because you have destroyed their innocence, their inner sense that they have a right to live their life based on their own perception. This is what the serpent destroyed when he manipulated Eve into eating that fruit. This is what the fallen beings have attempted to destroy both in this material realm and in previous spheres before they ascended, beginning with the fourth sphere.

They have attempted to destroy the holy innocence of those who are just living their lives based on their perception but are not seeking to force that perception on others. The fallen ones are getting into their minds and manipulating their minds by sowing that seed of doubt whereby you begin to doubt the instructions you have been given from the teacher, namely that thou shalt surely die if you eat of the forbidden fruit. Or you doubt your own ability or right to live your life based on your perception and to gradually refine your perception as you are willing and able and ready. No one has the right to force you to change your perception if you are not ready, but likewise you have no right to seek to force another. Do you see the subtle distinction?

You have a right to live your life based on your perception. You have a right to express your perception and to tell another person: “This is how I see this aspect of life.” But you do not have the right to demand that another person should live his or her life based on your perception.

If sharing your perception helps expand or shift the perception of the other person, so that the person now begins to live his or her life based on the same perception that you had, this is legitimate. But if you seek to force the other person by saying that the other person is wrong for having the perception he or she is having and that the other person should submit to your perception even though he or she does not have your perception, that is the essence of the serpentine consciousness and the fallen mindset: the attempt to use force, to influence, the mind of another person.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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