What is a miracle?

Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 28, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

I desire to give you a few teachings on the concept of a miracle. There are people on this earth who deny the existence of miracles because they say that nothing can violate natural law. There are those who accept miracles and yet believe that human beings can do nothing to bring them about, but can only wait passively for some kind of grace to bring about a miracle. Well my beloved, both of these types of people have an incorrect understanding of the reality of miracles.

It is true that nothing violates the law of God, but there are two levels to the laws of God. There is the material law, which is what scientists call the natural law. And then there is the spiritual law, which is a higher law that can indeed supersede and suspend the natural law. Thereby, one can bring forth what, according to natural law, seems like a miracle.

Why did my son Jesus Christ descend to this earth? He descended to show people that when you manifest individual Christhood, when you put on the Christ consciousness, you become the open door so that the spiritual law can act in the material universe and therefore supersede and suspend natural law itself. This is what you saw Jesus do on any number of occasions.

There was no magic in turning the water into wine. But there was the magic of one human being raising his consciousness and bringing the higher law of the spiritual realm into action in the material universe. Thus changing the very composition of matter itself because that matter truly is an expression of the consciousness of the universal Christ. Therefore, one human being who manifests individual Christhood becomes the open door, whereby the universal Christ consciousness can suddenly act in the material realm and therefore raise matter itself into the purity of that Christ consciousness. This brings about the consumption and removal of the dense crust that has been imposed upon matter by the density of the consciousness of humankind.

When the spiritual law is allowed to work through an individual, that person can indeed walk on water, can indeed raise the dead and give life back to the molecules of a physical body that has started the process of decay. Likewise, that person can regenerate the very cells and molecules of a physical body that is crippled by disease, a disease that is nothing more and nothing less than the physical outpicturing of the density of a person’s consciousness.

My miracle rosary does not have the purpose of reaching those who are willing to believe in miracles but who continue to believe that they can only wait for miracles to occur. My miracle rosary is meant to reach those who are willing to acknowledge the path of individual Christhood and willing to acknowledge that when they walk that path, they are not simply waiting for miracles. They are bringing about miracles because they are the miracle of the incarnation of the universal Christ consciousness, the Word of God. The Living Word of God is the higher law that can set aside not only the material law but the very density of the consciousness of humankind.

This is the living miracle, namely the incarnation of the Christ consciousness through a human being who has become conscious of his or her potential to be the Living Christ. A person who has accepted the potential to be the Living Christ on the earth, to be the Living Christ in embodiment. That potential and that incarnation is truly the miracle of God that can erase all errors produced by humankind, or what so many Christians call sin.

Sin is nothing more than the misqualified energy; energy that misses the mark of God’s perfection and therefore is imprisoned in an imperfect thoughtform, an imperfect matrix. And when the Christ descends, the Christ consciousness will set the energy free of the imperfect thoughtform, and once again make it the living, liquid energy of God that naturally flows into the perfect matrix of the Kingdom of God and therefore suddenly, as a miracle, outpictures that kingdom on earth.

Oh yes my beloved, this is no mere fantasy. This is no mere promise of a Utopia that will never come to pass. This is indeed a living reality, a living potential. But it must be brought about by a critical mass of human beings accepting the potential for the birth, the miracle birth, of the Christ consciousness right within themselves.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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