We have taken on illusions in order to help others

Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

And what will it take to become one with the Living Word? Well, it will take what Mother Mary talked about yesterday, the willingness to see in yourself those elements that are not real, that are not in alignment with the WORD, that are based on a dualistic illusion. And then the willingness to see that these elements are not really you, even though your ego might believe that they are, even though you might have been brought up to think that they are. Because as you grow up in this world – where there is so much duality – how could you not come to identify yourself with certain dualistic illusions?

This is natural. None of us condemn you for this. We all know what it is like to be in physical embodiment and how difficult it is. And many of you have taken on these illusions voluntarily. And why have you taken them on? Because you wanted to demonstrate to others that it is possible to be totally enveloped in an illusion, yet still rise above it. So get on with rising above it and do what you came here for. Realize that you are more than these illusions. Be willing to look at them. Be willing to reach for the Living Word.

We give you the Living Word in an outer sense, in our releases, in our books, through many different sources. And you can study these teachings, but the outer word will only change you if you allow it to become the Living Word in your heart, where you integrate it and where you receive, through your Christ self, the inner equivalent of the outer word. The inner equivalent that is adapted to your particular consciousness, your particular beliefs. Each one of you hearing this will have a slightly different perspective, a slightly different understanding of the words that I speak. This is natural. What you need to allow is that the outer word that you hear stirs a process in your heart, whereby you receive the particular words that will help you resolve your particular illusions.

My Beloved, there are many people who have a very similar illusion, such as for example in the Christian churches, where they think that by being a good Christian in an outer sense, their entry into heaven will be guaranteed. But even though there may be a million people who believe in the same outer illusion, each person has a slightly different way of understanding it. And therefore, they have to find their own words that will help them resolve the illusion, help them see that it is an illusion and finally have that light bulb go off inside their heads and say, “Aah, now I understand, now I see it!”

The Living Word, the outer Living Word, will help you only by stimulating that inner “Aha” experience, where you suddenly see from within what you could not see before, and what you cannot see with the outer mind. Truly, it is valuable to have an intellectual understanding of the spiritual path, and of human psychology and of the ego. But you can have a very sophisticated intellectual understanding, yet it still has not clicked, you still have not seen it.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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