We are meant to become teachers

Ascended Master Jesus, August 19, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

I desire you to be who you are. I came to this earth to set forth the example that it is possible for a human being, in a physical body, to be the Living Christ on earth, regardless of what the forces of this world say or do. The forces of this world attempted to kill my physical body, thinking they could kill my teaching.

I was not that easy to kill. So after my resurrection, what was their only option? It was to kill my example, to put me on a pedestal, so that no one dares to follow in my footsteps and consider that they could be a Christed one as I was.

Do you understand what I am saying? Do you truly understand the inner meaning of these words? There IS only one path, and that is the inner path. At a certain level, a soul needs an outer teaching; it needs to follow that teaching. This is all good and right because the soul needs protection, it needs an anchor point. But at a higher level, the soul needs to move beyond that outer teaching. The soul needs to follow the true path of the ascended masters, which we have given on this planet for eons.

And that true path is:
You take the teaching.
You absorb the teaching.
You become the teaching.
And then, YOU become the teacher. You become the next teacher who is witnessing to the truth of the path.

This is your calling. We of the ascended masters have sponsored many organizations to bring forth the true teachings on the inner path. But our goal has never been to create students who forever remain students and followers. Our goal has always been to raise you up to be the masters that you truly are and to be those masters in physical embodiment.

The only teaching that the ascended masters have ever given is the message about the inner path. It has been expressed through many different outer teachings and churches and organizations. It has been expressed in many disguises. But there is only one teaching.
There is only one truth.
There is only one path.
And it is the inner path of becoming all that you are.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2003 Kim Michaels