Understanding the WORD incarnate

Ascended Master Jesus, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

What you have seen throughout history is that – truly – most people in the world have followed the outer path and very few have discovered the inner path. But I am telling you that we are now at the fortunate point, where there is the potential that a much larger group of people can awaken to the inner path and truly understand the universal nature of that path. But we must give them assistance to be awakened. For it will not just happen by mere happenstance or by some divine force forcing people to awaken. And that is indeed why the Living Word incarnates on earth.

The WORD incarnate is not a limited phenomenon that could only happen through one particular person 2,000 years ago. The Living Word can embody through anyone who is open and willing. But you see – as I explained – in order to become the open door for the Living Word, you have to be willing to first go through the purging process of being willing to allow the WORD to purify your own being from those imperfections that could cause you to either block the WORD or color the WORD with your own mindset, your own dualistic filter.

The question really is whether people, those who are the spiritually evolved and mature people, are going to be willing to step up and let go of the ancient mindset that by following certain outer directions you can qualify for salvation. Will people be willing to acknowledge the reality that unless you change your inner being, unless you change your consciousness, you cannot qualify for salvation? Which means that you have to take total responsibility for yourself.

The reason why official Christianity turned me into an idol, turned me into the savior who is up there on a pedestal saving all people, is that not enough people were ready to understand the inner path. And then the blind leaders – who have rejected the Living Word for eons – stepped into the Christian churches, took over and set themselves up as the authority, which is what they always do. The power elite set themselves up as the only ones who know how to interpret the Word.

They do exactly as I said of the scribes and Pharisees: they turn the Word of God into no effect in their tradition. They teach for doctrines, the commandments of men (Mark 7:7), because they take the Living Word and they project their own dualistic filter onto that WORD. And now they interpret the word through that filter, setting up outer doctrines and outer rules which they then claim are infallible. And then they will use that outer tradition to judge anyone who comes representing the Living Word, in their attempts to either silence that person or prevent the people from following the true leader who represents the Living Word instead of the dead word.

As soon as a word has been expressed in this world, in a form that can be copied and interpreted, as soon as that happens, the Word becomes the dead word. As I explained before, the Bible, the written Bible that you pick up, is the dead word. But if you read that word and allow it to enter your heart and reach for the Comforter who can breathe new life into that word as you study it, well then the word that you read can become the Living Word in your heart. But it cannot become the Living Word in your head, where you interpret it with the analytical, linear mind.

In order to truly accept the Living Word and accept yourself as the open door for the Living Word, you have to be willing to let go of the outer tradition and the mindset behind that tradition, which really is an attempt to create a guaranteed path to salvation: “If I follow these outer rules, God has to save me—even if I have not been willing to change the condition of my heart, to pull the beam from my own eye. Even if I still have all these lies and imperfect conditions in my heart, God still has to save me.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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