Understanding the Holy Spirit

Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 27, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

As another thought, I would comment on the concept of the Holy Spirit. For the reality is that the Holy Spirit was introduced in the West by Jesus, who said that after his ascension he would ask the Father to send another Comforter to earth. The Holy Spirit then can be explained as the collective momentum of all who have walked the true Path of Oneness. In the case of the earth, it is the collective momentum of all those who have actually ascended from the earth, or have at least passed the initiations of the material realm and thus contributed to the creation of an upward spiral.

Every time a Being ascends from earth, that Being adds its own momentum to that collectiveness of the Holy Spirit, that flow of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did so, Krishna did so, the Buddha did so. All beings who have ascended have added their momentum to it, increasing it every time, making it easier for people to tune in to that Holy Spirit. And therefore, they can receive a portion of the Spirit, that allows you to know truth from within and allows you to go out and speak that truth with the power that has the power to awaken people from their blindness, to shake them out of their blindness and thus give them an impetus for that inner realization.

This does not force people to have that inner realization. But it gives them the foundation for having it, if they are open and willing to have it. And thus, the power of the Holy Spirit can cut through the density of the collective consciousness, the density of a person’s own past momentums, so that the person is shaken and therefore is, so to speak, in an interval in time—put on pause. The person’s mind is put on pause, and now the person has a moment to tune in within and ask if there is more to understand about life, more to experience about life, than the person’s ego-based, fear-based dualistic belief system.

What will it take for you to tune in to the Holy Spirit? Well, it will take discernment, so you can discern between the Holy Spirit and the many false spirits that have been created. There is only one Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is created out of the momentum of those who have successfully walked the Path of Oneness. And thus, of course, they can only create one unified Spirit. Yet you must understand also, that those who have walked the path of separation, they have also created a momentum of the false spirits, and there are of necessity many of those, although some have grown strong because of the collective momentum added onto them by many people in embodiment, even beings who are no longer allowed to enter embodiment on earth but need to stay in other realms or have gone to the second death. They still have added to that momentum of the false spirits.


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