Understanding how salvation works

Ascended Master Jesus, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Now, my beloved, you all know from your daily experience why this is impossible. You know very well that most of you have screens in front of your windows. The screens have small holes in them so the air can pass through and the light can pass through, but insects that are too big cannot pass through. You know very well that if you tried to drive a big truck into an ordinary garage, you are going to have a problem, because the opening is not big enough for the truck to go through. So you know very well that if you are to enter through an opening, you must be able to fit through that opening.

The image I would give you is that the pearly gate that leads into heaven has a screen door with very tiny holes in it. Your physical body cannot pass through that—that is obvious. But what I want you to understand is that those elements in your being, in your consciousness, that spring from duality, those elements cannot pass through the screen door either. They are like little moths and flies, buzzing around in your energy field, in your consciousness. And they will hit the screen and not be able to pass through. The problem is that if you have these elements in your container of self, as you try to go through the screen door – and if you are not willing to let go of them – well then they will hit the screen and keep you outside. Is this not obvious?

The only way to pass through the screen door to heaven is to realize that you are more than all of these dualistic beliefs, for you, the core of your being, is the conscious self. Your conscious self does not have any substance as such, and therefore your conscious self can pass through the screen door. But it can do so only when it is willing to give up the dualistic beliefs and come into the condition I described when I said, “The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me” (John 14:30). For I had gotten rid of all the little bugs in my subconscious mind, so there was nothing, there was no resistance for me passing through the screen into heaven.

And how do you overcome these dualistic beliefs? Well, there is only one way, and that is to reach for something that is beyond duality. And that something, of course, is the Living Word. The Living Word, when you allow it into your being, will purge you of those unreal beliefs. It will expose them to you, and then you can see them and you can let them go. But what has happened to many people in the world is that they are not willing to look in the mirror, they are not willing to look at themselves.

And for some, as I said, this is understandable for they are not ready. They would be too devastated if they were to look in the mirror and acknowledge that they had some kind of flaw that would keep them out of heaven—a flaw that they are unable to change because they are not yet ready to take full responsibility for themselves.

But what I am addressing here are the many people who are ready at inner levels, and who simply need to shift their outer minds to the point, where they acknowledge the reality that the outer path can never lead you to the eternal life, to heaven, to salvation, to cosmic consciousness, to the ascension or whatever you want to call it. By following an outer path, be it in a New Age teaching or in any of the traditional religions, you will never – ever – get to where you want to go. For you will never get rid of all the bugs that cannot pass through the screen door. Only when you step on to that inner path – and are willing to look in the mirror and realize, “There is an element of duality in my consciousness” – well only then will you truly enter the path to Christhood.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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