Power Elite 5: Understanding how individuals and civilizations self-destruct without seeing what they are doing

NOTE: These teachings are taken from Lord Maitreya’s book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Excerpts from Key 19

Separating yourself from dualistic identities

We have now come full circle and can answer the question of why people do evil things and are unable to see what they are doing, often even justifying them as being good. Yet, once again, we are dealing with a subtle point that will require some contemplation and explanation.

Let us begin by reconsidering and clarifying our previous discussion about your origin as an individual being. Your origin goes back to an immortal being that exists in the spiritual realm. This being started its existence as an individualization of a being in a higher level of the spiritual realm, and this Chain of Being goes all the way back to the Creator. Your spiritual source was created in a particular sphere that was, at the time, the lowest level of the world of form, a sphere that was not yet filled with light. Your parent won its immortality by partaking in the process of raising its native sphere until it ascended and became part of the spiritual realm. When that victory was attained, a new sphere was created, and your spiritual parent desired to be part of the process of raising that sphere. Yet because it had already won mastery, it could not project the fullness of itself into the new sphere. If a number of beings with a high level of mastery entered a newly created sphere, they would instantly raise it, and that would defeat the purpose of allowing new co-creators to grow gradually. So your spiritual parent participated in the process by creating extensions of itself that were designed as one of the following types of beings:

  • New co-creators with a minimal sense of predefined identity and designed to embody within the new sphere.
  • New angels serving the new sphere from the spiritual realm or (in the case of your sphere) possibly from the identity realm.
  • Spiritual teachers working inside the new sphere (the parents themselves serve as teachers from the spiritual realm).
  • Beings with a more developed identity and mastery than a new co-creator. These are the beings who hold the counterbalance for fallen beings and are sent in an attempt to rescue them. Such a being does not have full mastery, but it has a much more defined identity than a new co-creator. It takes embodiment like a new co-creator, meaning that it must awaken to its true identity and can potentially fall.

No matter where you came from, you are an individualization of your spiritual parent, who incorporated its own experience and mastery in designing your individuality. You were designed as a unique individual, and although there are billions upon billions of individual beings in the world of form, there is no one who is exactly like you. You have a unique spiritual individuality and thus you have the opportunity to bring a gift to the world of form that no other being can bring.

For co-creators, their unique individuality was defined by their spiritual parents and incorporated into creating a spiritual being that I have called the I AM Presence. This I AM Presence is permanently residing in the spiritual realm, and it is an individual being within the greater whole of the spiritual parent. It was the I AM Presence that projected itself into the lower realm in which a co-creator first took form as an individual being (which might not have been the material universe). Since angels are not created to take embodiment in a lower realm, they have no I AM Presence. But if they fall, their spiritual parents do create the equivalent of an I AM Presence to hold an unerasable blueprint of their individuality. The spiritual being who represents the Divine Mother, which is currently the ascended master Mother Mary, then breaks her body to create a Christ self for the fallen angels that can serve as a mediator between their lower and higher beings. All beings who lose contact with the spiritual teacher have such a Christ self created, but for beings other than angels, this Christ self can be created by various masters who sponsor different groups of beings.

The core of your individual being, or lifestream, is the conscious self, which gives you a sense that you exist. For co-creators the task of the conscious self is to build an identity as a co-creator with God in its native realm. For angels the task of the conscious self is to expand the predefined identity and become an even better angel. In other words, the task of the conscious self is to build the identity through which a being expresses itself and serves in the world of form. The conscious self can then refine this identity as a result of your experiences.

In the beginning, all newly embodied beings were tutored by a spiritual teacher whose task was to help them build a sense of identity that was a combination of two elements. One was the individuality anchored in the I AM Presence. By reconnecting to this spiritual identity, a being would gain a framework in which it could build its own sense of identity based on choices made by the conscious self. We might say that as everything else, the identity has two aspects:

  • The Alpha aspect is the identity anchored in the I AM Presence, which has been predefined by the spiritual parent.
  • The Omega aspect is the identity a being builds as it expresses itself in the sphere in which it resides.

If you have harmony between the two aspects, you will feel ultimately fulfilled and at peace. You will be one being, a whole being – as opposed to being a house divided against itself (Mark 3:25) – and thus you can complete the Path of Oneness, whereby your total identity – a combination of the Alpha and Omega aspects – becomes immortalized and can ascend to the spiritual realm. It is the task of your spiritual teacher to help you build this identity on your own. In other words, the teacher is not trying to force you or manipulate you into building a particular type of identity. However, the teacher is trying to guide you toward having harmony between the Alpha and Omega aspects, which is the only way you can become immortalized.

The teacher is also trying to help you see that becoming immortalized means that your lower sense of identity, your Omega identity, comes into complete harmony with the laws of God and your spiritual identity. Take note that this does not mean you have no freedom to define your Omega identity. You have great freedom, but in order to attain wholeness, you must exercise that freedom within the parameters set by your Alpha identity. The Father and Mother aspects of your Being must come together in harmony before new life – the immortal you, representing the Son aspect of God (regardless of your physical sex) – can be born.

We might compare this to driving a car. You have certain traffic laws that guide how you can drive, but if you follow the laws, you can go anywhere the road will take you. As you started out building your identity, you did not have a clear understanding of the laws of God or your Alpha identity, so you created an Omega identity that was not in harmony with your higher being. For you to become immortalized, this identity must be spiritually reborn and brought into harmony with the upper part of the figure-eight flow of your total Being. The reason is that only beings who have passed the test of selflessness can become immortal beings, as God obviously would not want a selfish being to become immortal.

There did come a point when your teacher had to give you the opportunity to make the choice as to whether you would consciously choose to align yourself with your spiritual identity. You had to give up the sense of identity you had created during your neophyte phase and be reborn into oneness with your true identity. As I have tried to explain, this was not something that was forced upon you from without. It was truly your own higher will to come into this wholeness rather than remaining in the divided state that can only cause suffering. Obviously, your ego is born from a separation between your higher and lower being and can only see the will of your higher being as coming from outside itself. So it is up to the conscious self to overcome the illusion of the ego. This is the choice between defining your identity based on the mind of Christ – who alone knows your spiritual identity – or the mind of anti-christ, that can never know your true identity.


In the first three spheres that were created in the world of form, all beings successfully passed this initiation and became immortalized beings. Yet in the fourth sphere a group of beings rebelled against the very process itself. They refused to bring their Omega identities into alignment with their Alpha identities. They refused to bring the will of their conscious selves into alignment with the will of their own spiritual selves (or for angels, with the beings who created them). Thus, instead of creating a sense of identity based on the Christ mind – becoming one with all life – they created an Omega identity based on the mind of anti-christ. Thereby, they set their Omega identities apart from their Alpha identities and from all other parts of life. In other words, what these beings created was a separate sense of identity, and because they all rebelled for the same reason, they created a superstructure that became what I have described as a separate mind, entity or beast.

As the process of the fall continued, other separate or dualistic identities were created, and there are now a number of them that have been reinforced by many beings. My point here is that when the first beings rebelled, there was no separate identity, no identity based on the mind of anti-christ. Yet after the first such identity had been created, it now became easier for beings to fall. For co-creators the problem was, as I explained earlier, that many of them refused to take command over their lives because they did not want to make their own decisions. Co-creators were allowed to do this for a season, but there came a point when they had to make a decision. And once a fallen identity had been created, it now became possible for co-creators to choose to enter into that state of identity instead of building their own separate identity. For angels the problem was that they became judgmental and rigid, which also caused them to refuse to self-transcend. So they were likewise tempted to enter a predefined, separate identity.

When a being refused to step up and consciously create an identity based on the reality of Christ, it often did so because it seemed like too much hard work or too great a responsibility. It was easier for such a being to keep following someone else. Many students did want their teachers to continue to tell them what to do. Obviously, a true spiritual teacher must eventually refuse to play this role, and at that point, the student is faced with the inevitability of making its own choice.

Creating a separate sense of identity based on anti-christ was originally much more of an effort than building an identity based on the mind of Christ with the help of a spiritual teacher. Yet once the first separate, dualistic identities had been created, students had an alternative to doing the work themselves. They could simply choose to step into the mold of a predefined identity based on the mind of anti-christ. They could choose to partake of the “fruit” of such a predefined identity, which had knowledge of relative good and evil because it was created from the duality consciousness. Once beings had taken a bite of the forbidden fruit, they would no longer have to make their own decisions. They could simply flow with the stream of this new identity, just as a flock of sheep follow the lead sheep. So if a being did not want to follow a true teacher – who demanded that it step up to becoming self-sufficient – it could choose to follow a false teacher who would make no such demand. Thus, for beings who did not want to make their own decisions, following a false teacher seemed like much less of an effort. False teachers will gladly tell you what to do and never demand that you think for yourself, as they want you to follow them blindly. Furthermore, the dualistic identities are tied to the beasts behind them, and this creates an aggressive pull on the emotional and mental bodies of beings who have stepped into the gray zone of doubt. This pull is often the factor that overwhelms the minds of the beings who have become houses divided against themselves (Mark 3:25). Thus, it is the gravitational pull that makes it seem like following a false teacher is easier than following the true teacher, who – by the law of free will – can exert no pull on the student’s mind.

Once beings stepped into a predefined identity, an ego would be created for them, and this ego would then make most daily decisions so the conscious self could withdraw into a little “cave.” Also, there would be other beings who had long ago chosen the false identity and who could act as leaders. Finally, the gravitational force of the beast itself would pull them along. In other words, once beings had chosen to join the club, they could get away with not making their own decisions. What does it take to join such a club? Every separate sense of identity is based on a specific dualistic lie, so in order to enter that identity, you have to accept the lie—which, of course, is presented as an absolute truth. Here comes the essential point. Once you have accepted the lie, you must pledge to never question it again!

If you do decide to question the lie, then the combined force of your own ego, other fallen beings who accept the lie and the beast itself will do anything in their power to prevent you from seeing through and abandoning the lie. My point being that while entering the club requires no effort – can be done by making the decision not to make a decision – it requires an entirely different effort to get out of the club. An identity based on the mind of anti-christ is a club that has no provisions for allowing you to resign your membership. Once you are in, you are supposed to stay forever, continuing to feed your light to the beast, which has now become your new god.

Of course, you were not told all this before you joined, but the reason was that you had made the decision not to listen to your spiritual teacher, and thus you could not be warned. Instead of taking the Path of Oneness, you took what seemed to be the path of least resistance. Yet in reality it turned out to be the path of maximum resistance, the path of separation, the path of death. As they say when signing a contract, “Always read the fine print.” The only problem is that the mind of anti-christ provides no fine print, for the fine print is in the mind of Christ. Even fallen beings and beings blinded by duality have access to the Christ mind through their Christ selves, which is what Jesus described as the Comforter, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26). The question is whether they will listen to this inner teacher or to an external teacher—even the “external” teacher of the ego.


We can now see why people can commit evil acts without seeing what they are doing, without realizing that what they are doing is against what they profess to believe, thus becoming hypocrites. The reason is that they are not actually thinking about what they are doing, and thus they do not see that what they are doing is evil. Since they are not thinking, they cannot see the inconsistency between what they profess to believe and what they are actually doing. That is why people can believe that God will reward them for killing those who are not members of their religion, even though their religion contains the command not to kill. Killing another human being in the name of God is truly the ultimate form of hypocrisy known on Earth.

Yet why can’t people see that this is hypocrisy; why are they not thinking? It is because their conscious selves refused to step up to the next level of the path, the level where you take full responsibility for creating your identity, thus taking full responsibility for your own growth, even for your own salvation. Instead of accepting this responsibility, the conscious self refused to think and decide for itself. It then joined a mass identity, and now it is blindly following along with what the leaders in that state of consciousness are saying. It has become a blind follower of the blind leaders, and thus the blindness prevents it from seeing the obvious. The false identity is based on a lie, and this lie uses the duality consciousness – which can justify anything – to justify the actions and portray them as not being evil. That is why people are able to commit the most evil acts while feeling fully justified in doing so, even feeling that they have the ultimate justification of being told by God to do what they did.

As an obvious example of this, consider the Crusades. We have two groups of people who both claim to be devoutly religious and completely devoted to following the will of their God. As the ultimate irony, both Muslims and Christians say their religious tradition is based on the Old Testament. They both claim to be worshiping the God of the Old Testament, which they see as the only true God and define as the God of Abraham. They also believe that this God used Moses to bring forth the ten commandments, one of which states in no uncertain terms, “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13). So how can it be that these two groups of people are now killing each other, while both of them feel their actions are justified by their God? How can the true God of Abraham give his followers the command not to kill and then tell two groups – who both claim to be worshipping this God – to kill each other in his name?

I know full well why this can happen, namely that the Old Testament contains many passages where – supposedly – the “one true God” told his chosen people to kill those who were not so chosen. And throughout history, Christians, Muslims and Jews have used these passages as a justification for a wide range of atrocities that all violate the unconditional command not to kill. Yet what is the truth here? Is it really possible that the true Creator of the world of form – who gave self-conscious beings a part of its own Being – would command a group of people on a very small planet called Earth to kill another group of people that were also out of the Creator’s Being? Or is there possibly some other explanation?

What might such an explanation be? Well, it seems we have arrived at a point where our next logical step must be to examine the role of religion on this planet. After all, the topic of this book is how you can attain spiritual freedom. Ideally, religion should be a tool for giving you that freedom. Yet it now seems necessary for us to consider whether the duality consciousness could possible subvert the original purpose and turn religion into a tool for taking away your spiritual freedom. We will do so in the next chapter, but first I want to make a crucial point.


One does not have to be a prophet – merely a student of human psychology and history – to predict that some people will take the teachings in this book and reason that the main cause of all of humankind’s problems is that a number of fallen beings are embodying on this planet. Thus, the way to solve all problems is to identify these people and either get them off the planet by killing them or by making sure they have no power in society.

I trust the more aware students can see that such people are reasoning this way because they are trapped in the fallen consciousness. They are seeing everything through the filter of duality, and thus they think in terms of “us” versus “them,” which is precisely how fallen beings think. The people who would use my teachings to initiate hostility toward other people are themselves trapped in the same state of consciousness that created all of the problems on this planet. Thus, they obviously cannot contribute to the solution—until they free themselves from that consciousness.

Therefore, I will – in the strongest possible terms – encourage everyone who reads this book to consider that the fallen consciousness has been influencing this planet for a very long time. It is virtually impossible to embody on this planet without being influenced by this consciousness. In fact, the vast majority of the people who are in embodiment right now have fallen or have become blinded by the fallen consciousness, which happened many lifetimes ago. Thus, they have had a very long time to incorporate elements of the fallen consciousness into their lower beings, into their identity, thoughts and feelings—what most spiritual and religious people call the soul.

In reality, the “entity” that people normally call the soul is not something that is created by God. Technically, it is a vehicle that is created by the spiritual parents, as they have to allow an extension of themselves to go into duality. Thus, out of their love for you, they give you a vehicle that you can then use as a foundation for your expression in the material universe. However, the contents of that vehicle are created by you as you make decisions based on duality. This will require further explanation, but before we go into it, let me remind you that even fallen beings had the opportunity to be in a spiritual schoolroom with an enlightened teacher.


One can say that the soul – or at least the contents of the soul vehicle – is an outgrowth of what I have so far called the Omega aspect of your identity, namely what your conscious self is charged with creating. However, there is a crucial distinction to be made. In an ideal scenario, you would be completely committed to following the Path of Oneness according to your teacher’s instructions. Thus, there would be nothing hidden between you and your teacher. When you made a decision based on the mind of Christ, the decision and the memory of it would rise to your causal body so that your attainment would not be lost. This is what Jesus called your treasure in heaven (Matthew 19:21), and it is basically a conglomerate of all decisions that are based on the Christ consciousness. Your conscious self could then draw on this attainment when making future decisions.

When you made an imperfect decision – whether based on ignorance or the mind of anti-christ – the decision obviously could not rise. Yet as long as you did not seek to hide it from your teacher, the teacher would help you learn from the decision, he would take on and resolve the karma and then he would help you overcome the memory of it. In other words, your mistake was turned into a positive learning experience – which could rise to your causal body – and the imperfect aspects of the incident were consumed as if they never existed. Thus, a decision would leave no elements of innocent or willful ignorance in your Omega sense of identity—it would be aligned with your Alpha identity, although you might not yet be consciously aware of the latter. Yet there would be no division or “space” between your higher or lower identity.

When you first decided to start hiding things from your teacher, the learning process was – at least partially – interrupted, and your imperfect decisions could not be erased. Thus, a “space” had to be created that could store them until you decided to go back to the path and turn your imperfect choices into perfect learning experiences. As long as you were in the schoolroom, that space was in the teacher’s Being, for everything in the schoolroom is inside the teacher’s Being. Yet after you decided to break the tie to your teacher and became subject to the process of reincarnation, you needed a vehicle that could carry your memories from lifetime to lifetime, so that you did not have to reinvent the wheel – or rather, reinvent yourself – and make the same mistakes in every new embodiment. That vehicle, that separate space, is what most spiritual teachings call the soul. Of course, when you withdrew from the teacher, the conscious self refused to make decisions, and thus the ego took over. The ego can only make decisions based on the duality consciousness, so since then the ego has had a greater control over your soul than your conscious self.

The soul is made up of decisions based on the duality consciousness. Some of these decisions might be what people normally call bad or evil while others will be what people normally call good. Yet my point is that all of those decisions were influenced by the duality consciousness, or they would have become part of your treasure in heaven. Nevertheless, even though these decisions are imperfect, they still have the potential to be turned into learning experiences that can become part of your causal body and can help you grow spiritually. That is why virtually all spiritual teachings say that the soul can be resurrected or saved. In reality, it is not the soul but the decisions and energies that make up the soul that are resurrected.

The resurrection of the soul is not a process that will happen because some external savior will do the work for you. It is a process that requires your conscious self to be willing to look at its past decisions and – by working with a spiritual teacher – turn them into positive learning experiences, meaning experiences that help you transcend the consciousness that caused you to make the decisions in the first place. Rather than being a source of pain, your past decisions should be seen as a resource that can help you ascend the spiral staircase of life. They can be turned into learning experiences, but you have to look at them, understand why they are dualistic and consciously replace them with better decisions. Yet until the conscious self begins to take responsibility for itself, people cannot look at the past. They seek to avoid looking at it or they seek to justify and defend their actions instead of neutrally looking for the lesson. This causes them to repeat the same patterns over and over, which in a sense is another opportunity for them to see the need for change. Always keep in mind that the purpose of life is to learn and grow, so even your mistakes can become stepping stones for growth—as long as the conscious self is willing to transcend itself and be spiritually reborn.

This leads to a very important realization. There are some people on Earth who are completely identified with their physical bodies. Yet most spiritual people are aware that they are more than their bodies, and many see this “more” as the soul. Thus, the vast majority of spiritual and religious people identify themselves as the soul and think the soul needs to be resurrected or become immortal. In reality, the soul – as I have just defined it – cannot become immortal. Which means that the soul – and the individual decisions that form it – must be allowed to die. It must be given up so it can return to its source. This is the process that Jesus illustrated through the crucifixion. The cross symbolizes how you are immobilized by the dualistic decisions in the four levels of your mind. These decisions are what make up the soul, and since they are dualistic and unreal, they must be replaced by decisions based on the Christ mind. Yet in order to replace a dualistic decision, you have to accept that it is unreal and then you have to let the decision – let part of the soul – die. By dying on the cross, Jesus illustrated that in order to be resurrected, the conscious self must let the soul die, it must give up the ghost (Matthew 27:50) of its dualistic sense of identity, namely the soul. The soul – the separate, mortal you – dying on the cross is the prerequisite to the real you, the conscious self, being resurrected into a new identity based on the oneness of the Christ mind.

If you identify yourself as the soul, you will think that if your soul is gone, you will die and be no more. Thus, you cannot let go of the soul, cannot let go of the past, and this becomes a spiritual catch-22. Your identification with the soul blocks the very process of life, the act of self-transcendence, whereby you let the soul – the imperfect identity – die so that the real you – the conscious self – can be reborn into a higher sense of identity. Thus, the master key to spiritual growth is to realize that the core of your being is the conscious self, which is more than any aspect of your lower being, more than the soul. Only when the conscious self pulls itself out of your lower identity will you truly start moving forward on the spiritual path.


My reason for giving this teaching at this point is that it leads to a very important conclusion. Virtually every person on Earth has a soul that is influenced by the fallen consciousness. As the Bible puts it, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). This should give reason for great humility that can prevent people from developing a negative attitude toward anyone else. It is true that some people are beings who fell in a higher realm. They have completely identified themselves with the fallen consciousness and they have built such an intricate sense of identity that it is very difficult for them to see beyond it. Yet these beings still have a conscious self that has the potential to project itself outside the separate identity and stop identifying itself with and as that identity. Thus, every human being has the potential to rise above its current sense of identity, and it is essential for the most spiritually aware people to focus on this potential. You must, as Mother Mary explains it in her book, hold the immaculate concept for all.

A basic drive of the fallen consciousness is to define some people as being better than others. So if spiritual people start identifying others as fallen beings or fallen angels and begin to feel superior to them, then these people have not risen above the fallen consciousness. They have simply fallen prey to one of its more subtle aspects. That is why you need to commit yourself to doing what Jesus described in the following statement:

3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. (Matthew, Chapter 7)

My point here is that you must first of all focus on overcoming the elements of the fallen consciousness in your own being, rather than seeking to identify them in other people. I am not thereby saying that the top ten percent of the most spiritual people on Earth should refrain from speaking out against the duality consciousness and those who embody it. For if they did so, how could the general population ever be enlightened to the existence and influence of the fallen consciousness?

What I am saying here is that it is counterproductive (at least until you reach a certain stage of Christhood) to identify people as fallen beings. Instead, it is far more productive to focus on identifying the fallen consciousness in all of its variations and showing how it influences individuals and society. By depersonalizing the topic, you will minimize the risk of setting up dualistic battles between individuals and groups of people. And once society begins to recognize a certain state of consciousness as dualistic, it will be easier for people to withdraw from it. If some people refuse to do so, they will eventually isolate and expose themselves, but that is a different matter than when someone begins to label others. My point being that much can be accomplished by identifying a certain state of consciousness and thus giving people an opportunity to withdraw from it in the privacy of their own minds.

As a spiritual person, it is extremely important to strive to attain a perspective that is beyond duality. One characteristic of duality is that it always seeks to judge others, so you must be aware of judgment. With this I mean a judgment that labels some people as “bad,” giving rise to the belief that they are beyond help and thus cannot be saved. There is even the belief that God does not want to save certain people but wants to punish them forever in hell. There is a fundamental difference between seeing that a person’s beliefs and actions spring from duality and labeling the person as a bad person or a fallen angel. You should never accept any imperfect images – of yourself or others – as permanent but always focus on people’s spiritual potential to be resurrected in Christ.

We of the Ascended Host never judge, for we are absolutely committed to the growth and resurrection of every lifestream. Thus, we do everything possible to help any lifestream disentangle itself from the fallen consciousness and come back to its true sense of identity as an individualization of God. I expect all who are sincere about the spiritual path to make that same commitment—and then to exercise it with discernment, as we will discuss later.


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