Towards the end of the Piscean age

Ascended Master Jesus, July 1, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I am the universal Christ in action here. Many in the West have known me as Jesus, many in the East have known me as Krishna. We are distinct beings, yet we are both representatives of the one universal Christ that is in all life. Therefore, I come now as the Jesus with which most of you are familiar here in the West. I come to claim planet earth for the universal Christ, as opposed to the false Christ, the dogmatic, exclusivist Christ that has been set up as an idol by those who claim to represent me on earth.

I am here to take dominion over the earth, but I am here to take dominion over the earth through the Christ in all life. Will you be the Christ in action where you are? Then I welcome you to my heart, which is a symbol of the upper room where I shared the last supper with my disciples. That upper room was in itself a symbol of the fact that my disciples had been willing to raise their consciousness to the level of the Christ mind. And thus, the upper room was truly a place in consciousness, although it was also a physical place.

I am come today to claim the next 2,000 years as the Age of the Universal Christ. You may have heard of it as the Age of Aquarius, you may have heard of it as the Age of Freedom, but there is no freedom except through Christ and the Christ mind, that cleaves the real from the unreal in your own being and in the world in which you live.

Many years ago, the term Christ was truly a universal term. It had no dogmatic connotations. It was not monopolized by a particular Church, and it was never meant to be monopolized by one particular Church. It was meant to remain a universal term that would unite brother with brother across the lines of the outer religions. I came to inaugurate an age where people would separate themselves from the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of anti-christ that is based on separation, the separation from your source that leads to a sense of separation from your brothers and sisters in Spirit, and therefore leads to conflict and vain competition among men.

I came to bring the universal Christ light that is beyond any outer teaching that can be expressed in words. It cannot be confined to any expression in words or images in this world. It is beyond this world of form, but it can be touched, it can be glimpsed, through you, when you go within, when you go into the kingdom that is within you, that is within your heart and reach for that something more that you cannot define, that you cannot put into words, but that you know is real because your heart will tell you the reality of this universal Christ mind.

And when people are willing to reach for that – whether they call it Christ or something else – but when they are willing to reach for that which cannot be defined, then they will truly find a deeper sense of oneness with the source of all life. And as you, as an individual, feel that sense of oneness, you will know that the source from which you sprang was also the very origin of all other people on earth. And when you know that other people came from the same source, you cannot look at them as enemies, you cannot look at them as competitors, and you will not judge them.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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