Those who put down women cannot represent Christ

Ascended Master Jesus, March 30, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

Lady Venus has already given instructions in her dictation for the Song of Life Healing Matrix, but I wish to have my say on this also, for it is indeed the initiation that I had to pass during my arrest, my trial, my crucifixion. I myself had taken on several people in the fallen consciousness as my personal disciples, most notably Peter who was an original fallen angel. He was a typical example of those who are so trapped in the fallen consciousness that he believed he could tell the Christ, the embodied Christ, what should or should not happen to me – how I should and should not teach him as my disciple.

This, my beloved, is an important sign to watch out for: How there are people who believe that they are smarter than the ascended masters. They know better than the ascended masters what the masters should say or what they should do, whom they should choose as a messenger, how they should express themselves. This you will find in many spiritual movements.

You will even find it in many religions, where, of course, those who have taken over the Christian religion believe that they have a right to define how the Church of Christ should be. They believe that through the fallen consciousness they can determine how they should represent Christ on earth. But you see, they do not represent Christ for I know them not, those who sit in their council meetings, in their elaborate cathedrals and their palaces, and who think they can determine who should represent Christ.

Look at the new pope, my beloved. A good sign is the humility. Yet then look at the fact that he comes from a tradition that still will not allow women to have any position in the Church. Ask yourself if those who believe they have a right to put down women can truly be said to represent Christ? Nay. No one who puts down women represents Christ for women are the key to the golden age. Not only women, as a physical sex, but as the representatives of the divine feminine have explained, that all of you see yourselves as part of the divine feminine.

How can you do this if you put down women in a physical way? How can you put down women unless you put down your own femininity? If you do not have balance between the masculine and the feminine, how can you represent Christ? Christ did not come to elevate men by putting down women. Christ came to raise up all so that all might have life and that more abundantly.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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