The union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother

Ascended Master Jesus, March 23, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Greetings, my beloved, on this Easter Morning—meant to symbolize my resurrection from the grave, from the tomb. But yet I, Jesus, did not come to this earth to symbolize this for myself, I came to symbolize the potential – for all human beings – to let the human self, the mortal self, die. And thereby be resurrected – not into a new physical life or spiritual life in some higher realm – but to be resurrected into a new sense of identity, where you no longer deny the reality that you are a co-creator with God.

Thus, you acknowledge that the kingdom of God is within you, that you are one with your father, that your father has worked hitherto, and that you are willing to work by being the co-creator that you were sent here to be. So that you can play a part in bringing the kingdom of God to earth. This is the purpose for which I came, this is the purpose for which I went through the physical events of the crucifixion, my death on the cross—in order to symbolize what is possible for all human beings spiritually.

Christ unifies the Divine Father and the Divine Mother

For you see, 2,000 years ago, it was indeed necessary to give people physical, visible, outer manifestations, or they would have not been able to lock in to the potential for overcoming death, the consciousness of death. But of course, in giving those outer manifestations, it was foreseeable and inevitable, that many people would focus on the outer manifestations, failing to see the hidden symbolism behind them, and thereby failing to see the universal aspects of my mission and message, thinking that it only applied to the Jews, thinking that certain things only applied to me, or that certain things only applied to Christians.

The Christ consciousness is universal. The entire idea of the Christ Consciousness is, that it unifies the material and the spiritual. It unifies what you might call the Divine Father, and the Divine Mother, so that there is no separation between the Creator and its creation. For of course, as it is stated in the Gospel of John, without him was not anything made that was made.

And that is precisely why the kingdom of God is within you, because God – God’s being, and God’s Presence – is embedded within everything. And it is only a religion that is based on separation, that could have turned Christianity into a monotheistic religion, thereby raising up the graven image of the external God, the angry, remote being in the sky, looking down upon you, ready to judge you for any transgression and send you to a hell for all eternity.

My Beloved, it is time that the Christian people, those who call themselves Christians today, wake up to the reality of my true message—that I did not come to create another religion that denies their Christ potential, as the Jewish religion did at the time (and still does, for that matter). I came to awaken all people to the potential to find the kingdom of God within you, and thereby become an extension of that kingdom on earth, the co-creator who co-creates that kingdom and brings it into manifestation. Thereby giving the abundant life to all people, both the abundant material life and the abundant spiritual life.

God sees no difference between spiritual and material

In God’s mind, in God’s vision, there is no difference between the material and the spiritual. This is an illusion created from the duality consciousness, the consciousness of separation, that was brought to this planet by the fallen beings from higher spheres, but that has also been espoused by many people on this earth. Only the duality consciousness makes it possible for the ego to exist. And the duality consciousness also gives the ego the potential for creating the illusion, that the ego has attained what it craves the most, namely some kind of superior status, compared to other people on earth.

That is precisely why so many people in so many different areas of the world – and in so many cultures and religions – will not let go of the duality consciousness. This even applies to those who call themselves Christians. They will not let go of the duality consciousness, for if they were to let go of it, they would have to realize and recognize, that the salvation I brought to this earth is not exclusive to themselves, to the members of their own particular little Church—that they have defined for themselves, thinking that they can thereby exclude all others from being saved.

What does it then take to overcome that duality consciousness? Well, it takes a recognition, a realization, that God the Father was never separated from God the Mother. What has happened in the duality consciousness is, that you have created these gender roles, and you have created these images – dualistic images – that makes it almost impossible for us to communicate the reality, the spiritual reality. For when we say a word, you immediately start – you meaning the people on earth – to impose your dualistic images upon them. So when I say “God the Father,” immediately people project an image based on the gender roles that have been defined in human society. And when I say “God the Mother,” they project another image based on their image of women. But those images are both dualistic, are both unbalanced, and thus they cannot lead you to the correct understanding of what it actually takes to be saved as the Christians call it. Which truly means that you enter the kingdom of God, which as I said is within you, as the symbol for the fact that the kingdom of God is not a physical state, is not a spiritual state—it is a state of consciousness.

It is not that you have to travel somewhere physically in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is not even that you have to shed the body and ascend to some spiritual realm in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. The message I came to bring to earth was embodied in the saying I preached in my early days, where I said, “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” Meaning, you can experience it right now by entering the state of consciousness that is the Kingdom of God.

And what is that state of consciousness? It is the state where you have overcome the illusion of this world, the illusion created by the prince of this world, so that you overcome the illusion that God in the Father aspect, in the Alpha aspect, could ever be separated from God in the Mother, Omega aspect. It is true, that there are two aspects of God. There is the one Creator which is the Infinite, which is in-divided, in-divisible. But yet that infinite Creator has expressed itself in the world of form, but in so doing has expressed itself as form, has embedded its own Being in form, has created everything out of its own Being. And therefore, even though there is still an aspect of God that is the undivided Creator, nevertheless God has also divided itself into the world of form, the Ma-ter light that has taken on form.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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