The true works of Christ

Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 3, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, Jesus desires nothing more than seeing you, who are his students in this day and age, surpass him in expressing creativity. And this does not mean that you have to walk two miles on water whereas he walked one mile [audience laughs]. My Beloved, it is an expression of creativity that is adapted to this day and age, which means letting your light shine, expressing truth in a way that people in the modern age can understand, can relate to, can be inspired by, so that they are awakened to the possibility of being MORE.

This is truly doing the works of Christ, my beloved. All those outer manifestations of the so-called miracles were not the greatest works of Christ. The greatest works of Christ was that he challenged people’s sense of identity, challenged them to realize that there is more to being a self-aware being – even what they call a human being – than what most people had expressed at the time. And I can assure you that no matter the fact that his teachings have been perverted, there is still an element of the mass consciousness that died after Jesus’ mission. Because before Jesus’ mission, people’s self-awareness was even more limited than what you see today.

And thus, I can assure you that the potential for a mass awakening to the spiritual reality simply was not there before Jesus walked the earth. Because people’s sense of identity was so restricted by the mass consciousness that Jesus challenged, and that literally was judged and taken from the earth after his crucifixion and resurrection. And this has given all people on earth an entirely new opportunity that they did not know before Jesus came and had his victory on this earth.

And, of course, Jesus and all of us want to see that momentum come to full fruition in this age, where the people go through – at least a critical mass of people go through – that awakening, realizing who they are as spiritual beings, accepting it—accepting it, my beloved, and accepting that they have a right to express it.

This, then, is the message that you are here to communicate, that you volunteered to communicate. And it will begin being communicated through you, when you are willing to surrender—to be empty in a finite sense and be filled with the infinite Power, Wisdom, Love, Purity, Truth, Healing, Service, Peace, Freedom and all of the God qualities, my beloved, that you are an expression of through your individual God Flame.

Thus, what is truth? Truth is that you are more than human beings, that all people are more than human beings, that the earth is far more than a material, physical planet with limitations and disease and poverty. The truth is, my beloved, that nothing in the material universe is inevitable, nothing is unchangeable. Everything can be changed in the blinking of an eye of God, when you realize that you are that eye, you are the hands and feet of God, you are the mouthpieces of God.

Thus, come to that awakening! Allow yourself to go through that awakening, so that you will never again look at yourself the old ways but realize you are MORE. And at every moment, as you are becoming MORE, you are lifting up the entire planet. And through your collective efforts, there will be change, my beloved. There will be change. For there IS change. For you are here.

Thus, be sealed in the infinite joy of your spiritual Mother, who rejoices in seeing your progress, who rejoices in seeing your willingness to overcome the past momentums, your willingness to be MORE. Be sealed in the infinite love of the Divine Mother, the love that is always MORE and that always sees you as MORE.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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