The top 10% must bring positive change

Ascended Master Jesus, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

The message I want to get across here is that God gave human beings dominion over the earth. You have people in the lowest 10% who are the blind, and they are the blind seeking to lead the blind of the general population. They are aggressive, they are completely self-centered and focused on themselves, and you cannot expect these people to suddenly awaken and start raising their own consciousness and that of the 80% of the people. 

I am not saying that people from the lowest 10% have not been awakened; it does happen but only a small percentage. So what I am saying is, that you cannot expect positive change on this planet to come from the lowest 10%. So where must positive change come from? Well, if you look at the 80%, they tend to be followers; they do not have a strong enough sense of self to go against the grain, to refuse to fit into the mold defined by society. And so, who must then bring positive change? Well, it can only be the top 10%, my beloved, and this is what you need to realize.
As an example of this, look at Europe during the Second World War. It was a conflict that killed millions and millions of people on this continent. Millions of people lost loved ones, millions of people saw their homes destroyed, their cities destroyed—even a nation destroyed. Yet if you go to other parts of the European continent, you can find people who lived almost normal lives during the five years of the Second World War. And why is that, my beloved? Because they were at a different level of consciousness than the people who were directly involved in the war!

Do not believe that things just happen to happen a certain way. Everything is a manifestation of consciousness. There is a reason why certain people had congregated and embodied in the same areas, the geographical areas, where they became embroiled in the direct war. There is a reason why other people had embodied in other parts of Europe, where they were not so directly involved. There is a reason for this, and it is their level of consciousness. So what I am endeavoring to explain is, that even in a conflict as serious as the Second World War, you will see that people at different levels of consciousness had very different experiences of the physical events.  


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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