The test of overcoming all expectations

Ascended Master Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

There is a teaching I would give you, that relates to what I started talking about, of my feeling somewhat depressed over the lack of response. And I must tell you that this came from my own conditions, from my own expectations, where my spiritual vision of going to Ireland had been used in subtle ways by my ego to create the expectation of certain outer results, of seeing a physical manifestation of many people converted. Even a subtle sense that I could see the results from my labor, not that I had a desire to be elevated, but I had a desire to see that my labor had borne fruit, that I had made a difference.

This is something that all Saints and spiritual people have struggled with and must struggle with. For the spiritual path, as we have said, is not an outer path, so in a sense why would you expect outer results? Yet I realize full well – for I have gone through it myself – that there is a point on the path, where you need to see some result of your action in order to keep going. And therefore, at the lower levels of the path, you do need to see that you are making a difference, by seeing outer differences, outer results. But I tell you, as you walk the path – especially when you come closer to Christhood – there will come an essential initiation, where you will need to let go of all your expectations, all of your conditions of wanting to see a certain outer result. For if you do not, you cannot manifest your Christhood.

For the Christ is completely non-attached to what response he gets from the people on earth, for he is not here to awaken them. He is here to let his light so shine before men, that they have the opportunity to see that there is an alternative to the serpentine, human state of consciousness. But the Christ knows that he is not here to choose for them, but to give them the opportunity to choose, which they did not have when they had only seen people who talked religion based on the serpentine mind.

If you think back to your own experience of walking that mountain yesterday, you will see that you might have a certain vision, a certain expectation, of what might happen at the top. Certain things you would like to see, certainly a little ray of sunshine and a lot less rain, or perhaps other expectations. But I must tell you that those who are the true overcomers on the spiritual path – those who win their ascension, those who fulfill their divine plans – are those who are willing to take a look at such expectations and say, “I am not here to fulfill these outer expectations and conditions. For I am only here to let my light shine.”

When you have expectations, especially when you have expectations of how other people should respond to you speaking the Word, well then you set yourself up in a dualistic situation, where your inner fulfillment and peace depends on something outside yourself, depends on other people who have free will. And it is predictable, is it not, that there will be some people to whom you preach the Living Word, who will use their free will to refuse to rise above the serpentine consciousness. And thus, they will refuse to go along with you, and when they reject the opportunity to come up higher, what must they do? Well, their egos must justify this rejection, and how do they do this? By criticizing you, by putting you down, by putting your teaching down, by finding slick serpentine ways to cast doubt on the validity on your teaching, the purity of your motive or any other thing they can think of.

So you need to recognize that some of you are reluctant to stand up and let your light shine. And surely, we who have ascended all understand this, because we have gone through it. But I tell you, we went through it precisely because we came to the point, where we recognized that we were not here to please or even awaken other people. We were here to let our light shine. And that was our job. That was our job number one, as they say. And it was the only job.

So you see, when you make that shift – and it is a fundamental shift in consciousness – your inner fulfillment does not depend on anything outside yourself. And it is only then that the prince of this world will have nothing in you, whereby he can discourage or scare you into not sharing your light at all. Or whereby he can play on your pride and get you to feel that surely you must be pleasing to God because you have preached to all these people and done this or that to promote this or that teaching.

Do you see my beloved, there is always the two dualistic polarities of fear and pride, the inferiority/superiority complex. For one cannot exist without the other, but YOU can exist without both of them—when the conscious self recognizes that it is more than this dualistic personality and identity. And thus, you are willing to let it die, as Mother Mary said. You realize that surrendering this dualistic personality is not a loss but a gain.

This is what happened to me that day, when I sat at that creek. I finally saw the folly of my attachment to outer results. For why did I start my mission in Ireland? Because I had a divine vision, an inner spiritual vision. And so what was the folly of thinking that I could only continue following that vision if I have certain outer manifestations. No, I needed to be true to the inner vision, to be non-attached to the outer. And when I had that non-attachment, I can assure you that I had further visions, and I felt a much greater inner fulfillment than I could ever have felt, even if the entire country of Ireland and been converted by me personally.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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