The temptation of the death consciousness

Ascended Master Jesus, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, there are many people who have followed the spiritual path for a long time. There are many people who have studied the teachings of the ascended masters, practiced our techniques, be it decrees or rosaries, and they have done so diligently. And they have made progress by doing so, but there will come a point where you will not make any further progress until you start to consciously make what I have called LIFE decisions.

It is a law of God that the devil is allowed to tempt you. For in being tempted by the death consciousness, you have the opportunity to choose life and prove that you are willing to choose life. And you see the example of how I was tempted by the devil after my stay in the wilderness. And the stay in the wilderness symbolizes that I had withdrawn from the ways of the world, from the consciousness of the world, and put my entire attention on the kingdom of God within me until I connected to that kingdom.

And then, I faced the challenge that when you connect to the kingdom of God and reach a certain level of Christhood, you cannot just sit there in your cave and meditate and be in bliss, for the world is crying in pain. And the role of the Living Christ is not to remove himself from the world, but to be in the world while not being of the world—and thus demonstrate to the people of the world that there is a higher way, not just a different way, but a higher way.

And thus, the Living Christ must go out, and in going out the Living Christ then meets the consciousness of the world as was exemplified by the devil who came to me and tried to tempt me into perverting or aborting my mission to bear witness for the absolute truth of God. The devil tried to tempt me into pursuing worldly goals or denying my Christhood or using it in frivolous pursuits of creating miracles or tempting God to save me.

This is a temptation, but I must tell you that although I was tempted three times, it does not actually mean that the devil can tempt you only three times. For you are the one who must decide how long you will allow the devil to keep tempting you, how long you will allow the worldly consciousness to pull you into this direction or that direction and pull you away from bearing witness to the truth and letting your light shine.

There are people who have been on the spiritual path for decades and who are still allowing the devil to tempt them on a daily basis because they have not been willing to take a firm stand on the rock of Christ and say, “Enough is enough! Get thee behind me Satan!” When you make that decision and you are completely resolved, so that you make it with every part of your being – so that you are not a house divided, but you are of one mind, your eye is single in being focused on the one vision of Christ – then the devil will flee from you. The worldly consciousness will flee from you in the sense that it cannot touch you anymore.

This obviously does not mean that you will not encounter that consciousness. For when you interact with other people, you will encounter their consciousness. But it means that you have established a hallowed sphere inside yourself, and you know that there is a core of your being that the prince of this world, that the forces of this world, that the demons of Mara simply cannot touch. Because it is your hallowed ground. It is the meeting point between your conscious self and your I AM Presence, your God.

This is what I desire to see for each and every one of you, each person who has found my website. For my beloved, the Ask Real Jesus website is far more significant in this age than most of you realize. Think back to how it was 2,000 years ago, how many people recognized my teachings and my disciples as a significant force that would have a major impact on western civilization. Well, it was not very many. For there were not even any written teachings. Nor was there any way to get the teachings out, except by preaching and by word of mouth.

Think about how far we have come in being able to communicate, so that people all over the world can find a higher teaching. The outer teaching that is all they need in order to trigger what they already know in their hearts. For truly, God has written his law in your inward parts. And all you need is an outer stimulus that can help you reconnect to that inner law and that inner truth, and then you can become a spiritually self-sufficient person who has the Christ discernment to know what is real and unreal in your own psyche and in your own world.

Indeed, it will take a period of what I call magnificent confusion before you will have worked your way through the temptations of the worldly consciousness that are many and subtle. Nevertheless, by being willing to enter that state of confusion, to experiment, by being willing to make mistakes and recognizing those mistakes and learning from them, you can shorten the time it takes before you come to that inner wholeness that is sufficient for you to take the firm stand, whereby you can fully and finally rebuke the devil so that he must withdraw from you. Because even the devil realizes that when you take that firm stand on the rock of Christ, if he keeps tempting you, he will judge himself. And since he does not want to hasten his own judgment, he must run away from you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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