The sense of ownership over people

Ascended Master Jesus, March 30, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

Be careful to recognize the signs of those who have a sense of ownership over you. As long as you conform to their image of how you should be and how the relationship should be, everything is fine. But when you no longer conform, all of a sudden they turn against you from one moment to the next and they become like the angry mob who first welcomed me when I rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and then at my trial turned against me and cried, “Barabas, Barabas,” preferring a murderer to the embodied Christ.

This is a sure sign of those who have put down the Christ in themselves to such a degree that they think they have the right to put down the Christ in others—not only a right but an obligation. They even think it is doing God’s work that they put down the Christ in others for they think they can own the Christ in this world. Such is their arrogance.

Look at how many examples you will find from world history of how people have suddenly turned. First, they idolize you and turn you into a hero. Then they put you down and demonize you. This flip-flopping from one extreme to the other is a sure sign of the spiritual blindness that can come only from the fallen consciousness. Where else would it come from, my beloved?

When you see people around you who have this tendency, this sense of ownership over you – and when you know that if you do not conform to their standard, then they will attempt to control you and in all ways put pressure upon you in order to come back into the fold, so to speak – when you see this pattern you know whom you are dealing with. What then is the key to being free of such beings?

Breaking free from fallen beings

Well, in the beginning you must break free of the relationship. Often this will mean a physical break-up, but it can also be done by you breaking free in consciousness. There are, of course, some relationships that you cannot break up easily, such as that with parents and children. But you can break free in consciousness by realizing that you are not here to submit to these beings.

I admit that when you first realize that you are not here to submit, it is very easy, and it is almost inevitable, that for a time you go into the opposite extreme and realize that you have to rebel, you have to go against them in order to be free. You even saw this in my own embodiment when I many times engaged the scribes and the Pharisees in heavy debates. I had many of these debates, many more than what you see in the Bible. You saw me overturn the tables on the money changers in the Temple.

Do you not see that in the end, when I was captured by them, when I was put on trial, I said nothing. By then I had begun to realize that it was not my personal role to fight against or rebel against the fallen beings. You are not here to submit, but neither are you here to rebel because either action ties you to an action-reaction game with the fallen beings. You do not want to be in an action-reaction game with them for there is no end to it, no ultimate outcome is possible.

The ultimate outcome is the judgment of Christ, but that happens only when you can meet the fallen beings and their accusations with complete non-attachment. That non-attachment can come from only one place: unconditional love. As long as you have conditions, you cannot be non-attached to the fallen beings. There will be something in you that the prince of this world will use to reach in and grab a hold of you and force you into an action-reaction pattern.

Only when you have let go of your conditions, can you be the open door for the love of God, which then is the ultimate judgment. There is no greater judgment than those who are receiving unconditional love and yet reject it and reject the one who is the open door for it, persecute him, crucify him, kill him, ridicule him, mock him in various ways. Or her, of course, as many Christened beings are women in this age.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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