The role of Christ is to unify Spirit and matter, father and mother

Ascend Master Jesus, March 23, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

God the Father is not separated or distinct from God the Mother in the way you think of it, based on gender roles on earth. God the Mother is another expression of God the Father, and your role as self-aware beings in the matter realm is to awaken to the reality, that you are extensions of God the Creator. And thus, you can be the open doors for God the Creator to bring its kingdom into manifestation on earth. But you can be those open doors only, when you overcome the sense of separation from your source, from your Creator, so that you finally say, “I and my Creator are One.” And you recognize that you were never separated in reality.

If God is infinite, it must mean that the Creator is everywhere, so how could you ever be separated from the Creator, separated from your source? It cannot happen, except as an illusion created in the mind that is based in separation. So you see, how this relates to the topic of restoring the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine. For in order to walk the path of Christhood, you have to overcome the illusion that the Divine Mother – that the feminine aspect of God, that the matter realm – could ever be separated from the Father, the Creator.

You then become the open door for spreading that truth to others, for giving that life-giving truth to others, that they too might be awakened, and realize that they are extensions of God the Father. But when they attain union with that God the Father, then they become God the Mother, they become the representatives of God in the matter realm. And thus you become the Father-Mother God in embodiment. You become the union of the Father-Mother God right here in this realm.

This is the role of the Christed being. This, my beloved, is the true path to Christhood. There are levels of the path, but as you go towards the higher levels of the path to Christhood, you need to integrate the Father and Mother aspects of your being. You realize that your lower being – the identity you have built in order to express yourself in this world – needs to come into oneness with God the Father, whereby you actually become God the Mother in the pure sense of God the Mother.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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