The responsibility of Europe

Ascended Master Lanello, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

For do you not see, that by the very fact that the Catholic Church originated here and spread its teachings here, you have on this continent a responsibility to the rest of the World to set this right; to change this dynamic and indeed overcome the dualistic polarity between the orthodox, traditional, mainstream Christian churches on one side, and materialistic, atheistic science on the other? You are the ones who have the potential here on this continent to bring forth a new kind of universal, spiritual teaching, that goes beyond traditional religion and goes beyond materialistic science—freeing the people to accept that they can be spiritual beings without fitting into the mold created by traditional religion. That it is indeed okay to accept yourself as a spiritual being and accept that you have a potential to reach – directly in your heart – for that higher reality, that goes beyond the human ego and the duality consciousness.

Certainly, the book that we have released The Art of Non-War has the potential everywhere in the world. But it does have a special potential here in Europe; and was indeed in large part meant for the people in Europe to see, that here is an example of how a universal spiritual teaching can be brought forth, that appeals to the heart and the intellect at the same time. Yet it awakens something beyond, awakens that very fabric of people’s beings to stand up and recognize, that they have always known that there must be a higher truth somewhere—that it cannot all be just a matter of which group or which ideology or which authority is right over another. There must be a way to settle questions, to know what is right in a higher way—to know what is reality in a way, that cannot be distorted by the human intellect and its ceaseless, meaningless argumentation for or against this or that, without ever coming to any conclusion. 


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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