The real God does not judge you

Ascended Master Portia, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

You see people who condemn others, feeling they must somehow be bad people—that God is punishing them. But the underlying belief is that people have created a false image of God. They think that God is the ultimate judge who sits up in heaven, looking down upon you with a stern expression on his face, scratching his long beard, ready to condemn you for any mistake you make. Especially, my beloved, the blasphemy, so-called, of disobeying the earthly Church that claims to represent that remote God in the sky.

And yet, despite the fact that you have been brought up to fear God – so through that outer fear you obey the earthly institution and its hierarchy – despite that fact, they also want you to believe that this God is good. And so, a good God, then, could not possibly cause people to be sick. And thus, it will only make sense that people are sick as a punishment for some wrong they have done.

They must have done something wrong, for God could not have made the mistake of creating a world where there is sickness, disease and illness and death. And so, you see the concept of justice, as it is commonly seen on earth, is intricately linked to this false concept of the external, judgmental God.

Did not Jesus say that his father judges no man, for he has left all judgment to the Son? The Son is the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is One, it is Oneness. It is meant to enable all self-aware beings with free will to experiment with their free will freely. For no matter how far they might descend into a lower state of consciousness, they can, at any moment, reach for the Christ. And the Christ will then help them free themselves from that limiting state of consciousness. That is the true meaning of Christ the Redeemer.

And so, the Christ does not judge the way human beings judge. But the Christ is simply that immovable rock, the same yesterday, today and forever in the sense that the Christ consciousness is always in oneness with its source, with the Divine Father, with its Creator.

And so, the judgment of the Christ consciousness is to separate oneness from division, to separate those who are committed to oneness and the consciousness of oneness from those who are still attached to and not willing to give up the illusion of separation.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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