The original intent for the Christian movement

Ascended Master Jesus, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Even the Catholic Church has been reborn into a higher sense of self, although still very far from being the true representative of Christ on earth—as indeed, there never will be an institution who can represent Christ.

For what is Christ? The process of constant rebirth! And an institution must, of necessity, have some kind of continuity, or it would not be an institution. And so, you will see that the very idea that Christ and the teachings of Christ can be institutionalized is simply a dualistic creation that springs, in fact, from the mind of anti-christ. For Christ is constantly moving.

Did I not say that I would give you another comforter, that I would pray that the father would send you another comforter—the Holy Spirit? Well, the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listed, and I came to start a movement 2,000 years ago that would be constantly reborn, constantly renewing itself, my beloved.

Yet, as always, those who are identified with their egos could not handle this seemingly chaotic state of constant rebirth, and they could not handle the seeming contradictions brought forth by some of the gnostic teachings. Truly, some of which were not in attunement with the ascended masters, but were in attunement with lower spirits—as you see among the channelers [of] today. Nevertheless, there was a potential for Christianity being a living, breathing movement, constantly transcending itself by maintaining that flow of the Holy Spirit—which is what we, today, call progressive revelation.

And so, it is indeed possible and necessary that Christianity can be reborn into such a living religion. As, indeed, Buddhism can be reborn—for also, the Buddha came to maintain or create such an ongoing sense of bringing forth new teachings and new awareness, my beloved. Can you not see the irony that modern Buddhists are still studying texts that were brought into the physical 2,500 years ago, or more than 2,000 years ago? Can you not see the irony of this, my beloved?

Can you not see the irony of Muslims looking back to the Qur’an, brought forth so many centuries ago, yet generally rejecting the tradition seen in the Sufi tradition – the mystical Islam – of bringing forth a continually renewed understanding of the deeper mysteries. You see this in every religion, you see it in science, you see it everywhere—this refusal to be reborn, this holding on to the old identity.

Are you willing to be reborn?

And then, my beloved, you who are the spiritual people – who see it so clearly in the world – now turn around, now look in the mirror, now look at yourself and see how you sometimes hold on to the old sense of identity. “How could I so easily be reborn and now I am no more that terrible person I was yesterday? How could that happen so easily?” You fall into that subtle reasoning of the Prince of this world and the ego. Where the ego is saying, as we have explained in previous discourses in this series, “Oh, you cannot just walk away from me. You cannot just abandon me. You cannot just give it all up.” But you see, my beloved, you can.

You can – every time the ego comes at you with some lesser sense of self – you can look at it and say, “I give you up. I surrender you. And I accept that I AM reborn!” And if you will do this constantly, if you will build a habit and a momentum of surrendering and accepting your rebirth, then you will, as I said, out-pace the ego and the prince of this world.

For they cannot keep up with perpetual rebirth—they cannot keep up with it, my beloved. And thus, you will be accelerated beyond it. You will literally accelerate your sense of self beyond the ego—stop feeding it your light. Whereby it will die and be consumed. Even so, as you do with the rosaries, where you are constantly invoking the light to consume that ego and the energy that is feeding it.

And so, by taking your own personal ego out of the equation of planet earth, you will also raise up the mass consciousness. And by showing other people that they can do the same, well then, you will become part of a new awareness – a new awakening, my beloved – that it is possible to rise above the past and to accept that not only am I reborn, but humanity is reborn, society is reborn, Planet earth is reborn. And we can, indeed, be reborn out of this old sense of identity that causes – that manifests, that out-pictures – the current imbalance and poverty, and all of the diseases of the physical body and all of the other limitations, such as warfare and strife and conflict.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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