The need for people to pass their tests under Jesus

Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 14, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Yet I must tell you that for this state of California to have an awakening to the consciousness of freedom, well the critical mass of the people need to do exactly what was said in this Freedom Invocation. They need to recognize that you cannot ascend to the consciousness of Aquarius unless you have mastered the lessons of the age of Pisces. You cannot even apply to the master of Aquarius, if you have not been willing to learn from the master of Pisces.

And thus, is it necessary for the people of this state to realize, that the very essence of the message that Jesus came to bring is Christ discernment, discernment between what is real and unreal, what is of God and what is of the duality consciousness. What is it that will enable the people to take back their power, as I spoke about earlier, and stand up to the elite, realizing that they do not need an elite to govern them or rule them or give them access to heaven? Well, it is only that the people recognize the very fact, that the elite has ruled through illusions and lies that spring from the serpentine mind, the duality consciousness. And there is an alternative to that consciousness, namely the discernment of the Christ mind, whereby you can know what is ultimately real and what is ultimately unreal.

Another of the subtle beliefs, the subtle mindsets, that you have been brought up to accept without question is that there is nothing beyond what human beings define as truth. You have been brought up to not question the basic paradigms of the authority figures of your society, be they in Church, or state, or the media or wherever. As Jesus has so eloquently explained on his website, for 2,000 years the Christian Church, the official Christian Church, has been a tool for the power elite to pervert the teachings of Christ. So that instead of setting the people free, they have been used to oppress the people even more.

This then is the state that must be acknowledged and addressed by the people in this state. And as I have already said, there are enough people in embodiment who know the reality of what I am saying at inner levels, that they can wake up and demand change, not only in the religious life but also in the political life and in all aspects of society. What needs to be recognized is simply this: there is Christ truth beyond the dualistic so-called truth. And every human being has the potential to acknowledge that truth in their hearts, if they are willing to seek that truth in the only place it can be found, namely in the kingdom within. Whereby they find the key of knowledge that allows them to divide the real from the unreal.

When those who are the forerunners, those in the top ten percent, awaken to this reality and dare to begin to exercise their Christ discernment, and dare to express that discernment by stating the truth that they see – even if it is not the highest truth, it still will be a higher truth than what is promoted by the elite – when you dare to express that truth, you will see the beginning of a chain reaction that will spread. Because I tell you, all the foundations have been built; it is simply a matter of providing the final push that creates the breakthrough.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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