The need for Christed ones in Europe

Ascended Master Master Lanello, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

But then there is – as we have spoken about – that condition that someone must be raised up to the level of Christhood out-pictured as a perversion by these self-centered, egotistical beings. And unless there is someone who dares to step forward and accept that they are the Christ – accept that they are a son or daughter of God – unless that happens, well then they cannot be taken.

And I can tell you that there are right now a number of these beings, who have had their lawful opportunity, and they are simply being sustained on this planet by the fact that nobody has dared to claim their Christhood. Which, of course, is the very plot that they have engineered from the very beginning—even while Jesus still walked on the earth. And they attempted to set the stage, thinking that they could kill him physically. And then, of course, when that did not work, going to Plan B and killing his teaching and example—that no one dare to step forward.

And thus, some of you have indeed realized, that this is a dark cloud that hangs especially over the European continent. Certainly, every other continent has its own version of what suppresses the people, but here on this continent of Europe – because the Catholic Church was here, because Christianity spread here first – there is indeed a stigma that you can do or say almost anything you want to do or say—except that you are the Christ or a representative of the Christ on earth. For the very beings who have embodied the consciousness of anti-Christ have claimed that as a monopoly for themselves.  

Oh, my beloved, it is indeed time that people wake up all over Europe and realize this is a complete lie. It is a complete and utter denial of the very mission of Christ, the very mission of Christ to free the Christ in every human heart and to make every human being acknowledge their Christ potential. This has always been the goal of Christ, this will always be the goal of Christ, and it is time that the people on this continent wake up.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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