The Mother of God

Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 28, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

Having now given you my peace, my encouragement and my gratitude, I would like to turn to the topic of the title given to me by the Catholic Church, the title of the “Mother of God.” I would like to explain to those of you who have an open mind and heart what is the true meaning behind the title of Mother of God.

I trust you can see that this title does not mean that I, a human being embodied on planet earth, was the actual mother of God himself. For that to have been the case, I would have had to be in existence before God came into existence, so that I could give birth to God. This simply would not make sense because nothing existed before God. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God because in the beginning there was nothing but God. Therefore, there was not even a father or a mother aspect of God. There was only the undifferentiated whole that had no forms and no divisions.

So what then does it truly mean to be the Mother of God? As my son Jesus has so beautifully explained in the teachings he has given through this messenger, everything was created from God’s substance and God’s being. My son has also explained that God, the Creator, has a dual nature. One aspect of God is that of the Father of God. The other aspect of God is that of the Mother of God.

It is indeed the harmonious and balanced union of the father and mother aspect of God that gives birth to the Son of God. The Son of God is, as Jesus has also explained, the universal Christ consciousness. This is a state of mind that holds the blueprints, the matrices, for all the forms that are to be created. When the infinite light of God the Father shines through the thoughtforms held in the mind of God the Son, they are impressed upon the substance of the Divine Mother and become manifest as forms, even the forms of the matter universe, the ma-ter universe. These forms are upheld only by a continual flow of the light of God, which flows as the Holy Spirit through all levels of God’s creation.

What I am hoping to help you understand with this explanation is that everything that was ever created was indeed created out of God’s substance, out of the mother substance itself. Therefore, everything is created from God, and when God creates a form, that form is created by God, from God, and therefore it is an individualization of God. God creates by expressing his unlimited being as a limited form, a form defined by limitations. This is indeed the infinite love of the Father, that he allows his infinite being to be imprisoned, so to speak, in a finite form.

I hope you can now see that I, Mother Mary, am indeed an individual lifestream created by God. I was created as an individual lifestream, and I chose to take embodiment on planet earth. As part of being embodied, I went through the same process that all other lifestreams go through, and I forgot my divine nature and origin, as most other lifestreams have done. Yet I never completely lost contact with my Christ self, and through that contact I raised myself to a level of spiritual awareness and attainment that allowed me to hold a spiritual office while I was still in a physical body on planet earth.

That office has the title of Mother of God. It signifies that I had become so one with the mother aspect of God that I had become a representative of the Divine Mother on earth. I was therefore selected to give birth to the lifestream of my son Jesus.

Yet I must tell you that the Catholic doctrine, which states that I was the Mother of God, has things backward. You see, the Catholic doctrine states that Jesus Christ was not only the Son of God but was actually God incarnate. It states that Jesus was God from the beginning of the world, and therefore he was never created by God. It was because I gave birth to Jesus and because Jesus was God that I have been called the Mother of God.

Yet, as I have explained, it was truly my dedication to the mother aspect of God that allowed me to hold the spiritual office, which made me the candidate for giving birth to Jesus. Therefore, I was the Mother of God, I was holding the office as the Mother of God, before I gave birth to Jesus.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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