The missing link in our understanding of history

Ascended Master MORE, October 26, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

For what happened in the Dark Ages was that people’s individual creativity was squashed, to the point where few people dared to stand out and bring forth an individual contribution and new ideas in art, literature, philosophy, religion or inventions of a practical nature. And see how this very consciousness created the idea that people can be divided into two separate categories—some who are above the population, who form an elite.

Jesus might be at the top, but was there not always a Church hierarchy of the false preachers, the wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned his followers about but that they did not heed? And therefore, those wolves took over the Christian Church and turned it into an institution that suppresses the people and makes them the blind followers of the elite—who are themselves the blind followers of their egos and the non-material forces beyond who are ruling their egos.

Throughout the dark ages, this consciousness spread throughout Europe. And I can tell you that if you look at how the plague, the Black Death, spread throughout Europe, I can assure you that at higher levels there was a similar spreading of the black cloud of this consciousness that the people are inadequate—that they do not have a divine spark and a Christ potential. That they cannot rule themselves and bring forth something unique from within themselves, but that they must always look for someone else to do it for them. This is, then, what gave rise to a monarchy based on the incredible illusion that it was appointed by God to rule the people, to rule its own people, and that the people were actually given to the monarchy by God as its slaves, as its subjects, and that the monarchy could do whatever it wanted.

The Catholic Church had already given up the willingness to tune in to the higher Will of God, thereby institutionalizing the dualistic will of man, the dualistic will of the ego, as the ultimate authority in society. It was just a matter of time before the monarchy fell into the same trap of thinking that it was the ultimate authority in society. And then you saw the ultimate power struggle between the monarchy and the Church. And this is what Saint Germain has already described previously in our series about restoring the Word—that the Church and the Church hierarchy formed the established power elite, and the monarchy and noble class who owned the land formed the aspiring power elite. And the power struggle between them went on for some time, but then finally had the “resolution” that the British monarch now declared himself the head of the Church of England, thus bringing all three into a certain unified state, where now the perverted trinity of Father, Mother, Son was complete.

And that is why you see that the British people are indeed very downtrodden, more so than many other nations. Although I will tell you that there are other nations on this planet, where the people are even more downtrodden than what you see in Britain. For why am I standing here speaking these words in Britain? It is because I know that the British people have the potential to shake this off, to rise above this consciousness and indeed bring forth a Golden Age civilization in this nation. Yet, for this to happen, I must tell you that the British people must be willing to do what Saint Germain said at our last conference in California—question everything! Everything, my beloved.

The missing link in history

For what is it that the elite has done to suppress the people? Yes, you will look back at history and say that the king had some real physical power and he used it ruthlessly. Nevertheless, let me tell you that there never has been a regime on this planet – be it the British monarchy, or the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, or the emperors of Rome – there never has been a regime that had enough physical power to suppress the people with physical power alone. For had the people come together at a critical mass and stood up against that physical power, then the powers would have fallen. And this you have seen in a number of nations around the world.

So therefore, physical power is not enough to suppress the people. And that is indeed the missing link in history, where historians tend to look back, and they look only at the material circumstances, thinking that the cause of everything that happened in the world must be found in the material realm. But I tell you, that the cause of everything that happened in the material realm is found in the consciousness of the people, the collective consciousness. I tell you – truly – what they have used to suppress the people is the Word, the perversion of the Word of God.

The Word of God is the consciousness of Christ that allows you – as I started out this discourse talking about – that allows you to discern between what is real and what is unreal. In order to suppress the people, they must take away that key of knowledge. They must create this false reality, where they have now created two dualistic polarities that seem to be inseparably linked in a dualistic struggle for supremacy. Yet both of them are lies.

This is one realization that needs to be brought out at this time in Britain and elsewhere, for it is the essential realization that must be spread before a Golden Age can dawn—namely the whole nature of duality. And this is, of course, why we of the ascended masters have brought forth the new book, The Art of Non-War, which is written in a way that is more universal than any other book we have brought forth. Thus, it has a potential to reach the people and awaken them to the basic dynamic of the duality consciousness and how it prevents them from discerning what is real and what is unreal. So every action they take, every idea they believe in, does not really lead to change because it merely perpetuates the dualistic struggle, which is the very root of their suffering and their limitations.

But that dualistic struggle starts in the consciousness, for the elite themselves could not perpetuate the dualistic struggle unless the people responded. And that is why you see the unholy alliance between those in the power elite who want power, and those among the people who do not want power but want to give away their power and have other people make decisions for them. So that they do not have to face the potential of making wrong choices, but can criticize those who make choices no matter what choices they make. And yet even this can shift almost as in the blinking of an eye. And it will shift when enough of the top 10 percent process that state of consciousness in their own beings and overcome it once and for all.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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