The master key to overcoming sin

Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

There is another quote in the Bible, which says that the sin against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven. But the reality is, that it shall not be forgiven until it is forsaken. When you forsake the sin, the rejection of the Holy Ghost, then you immediately become one with the Holy Spirit. And then your sin is forgiven because you are no more the same person that sinned. You have become MORE. And you see, this is the reality that we have been trying to tell you in many round-about ways.

You are who you think you are—until you think you are MORE. And when you realize and accept that you are MORE, the old self – the limited self – has died. And you have been reborn of the Spirit—when you accept the Spirit, which comes to you to set you free from that limited sense of identity. You see, those who speak against the Holy Spirit, those who speak against the WORD, do so because they are not willing to change their consciousness. And it is their consciousness, as I explained earlier, that keeps them outside the kingdom. What does it mean that the sin against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven? Well, the traditional image of the Christian churches – of the remote being in the sky – makes it seem like it is God or Christ or the Holy Spirit who has to forgive your sin. But it is not so. It is YOU who have to forgive your sin by forsaking it, by changing your state of consciousness.

And the moment you change that state of consciousness, you are free of the old consciousness. And it was the old consciousness that was the real sin, not the outer actions—not even the outer actions of persecuting the Living Christ or killing him or his followers. All these things can be forgiven the moment you are willing to change yourself, to change your perspective, to let go of the false spirits—the multitude of spirits, the legion of spirits of duality that pull you hither and yon into identification with the things of this world. The moment you are willing to let them go and come into oneness with the one Spirit, well then you are free of the former self. You are no more that being.

There is a saying that no fallen angel has ever been redeemed. And it is true. Because as long as you see yourself as a fallen angel, you cannot redeem yourself, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. So therefore, you must let the identity of a fallen being – or a sinner – you must let it die, so that you – the Conscious You – is reborn into a new identity. Do you see the reality here?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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