The Living Christ is ALWAYS more than you think

Ascended Master Jesus, October 23, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I am come that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly manifest. Truly, I am the real Jesus, but I do not come to you today as the Jesus that many people have known through the Christian churches, not even as the Jesus that some of you have known through various spiritual organizations.

I am come to you as the Living Christ and the emphasis is on the word “living,” because I truly desire to impart to you the flame of the Living Christ that never stands still. Many of the Christians out there in the world have built an idolatrous image of me. And were I to tell them that the Living Christ never stands still, they would immediately say, “But what about the statement in the Bible which says, ‘Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever’ (Hebrews 13:8)?”

Well my beloved hearts, it is not Jesus Christ that is the same yesterday, today and forever, but the universal Christ consciousness. And the universal Christ consciousness is the same in only one way—in that it is always and forever one with God. And because God is a Living God, God is constantly transcending itself. Your Creator is constantly transcending itself, and thus the Christ consciousness is the same yesterday, today and forever in that it is always one with God. But because God is always becoming the more, then the Christ consciousness is always becoming the more—and so is Jesus Christ.

A river is always flowing

And thus, I am here to let you know that I am indeed more today than I was yesterday or a few years ago. As all true messengers know, no messenger can put the ascended masters in a box because we are beyond any messenger, any organization, any message, any teaching. We are in the flow of the River of Life, and we are here to give you a glimpse of that River of Life through an outer teaching. And the last thing we want to see is that you turn that outer teaching into a little box that keeps you from flowing with the River of Life.

I ask you to imagine that you go with me, these few hundred yards, down to the Yellowstone River. And we stand at the bank of the River of Life, and now we see and experience the River of Life flowing by us. And we realize that if we look at a particular spot in that river, we are looking at a particular molecule of water. But that molecule is moving on. So the next time we come down to the river and look at the exact same spot, it is another molecule of water that is there.

And although they may look the same to the outer mind, I can tell you that even molecules of water have a certain individuality—as you know that no two snowflakes are alike. Should it not be obvious that if God can create billions and billions of snowflakes with no two being alike, he can surely create billions of co-creators that each have a unique individuality.

Imagine that we now walk back to the highways of life, and we meet a person who is all excited because he thinks he has discovered what the river is like. And he holds up a photograph of the river and he says, “Look, this is the River of Life!” My Beloved, that photograph is accurate in every detail except one—it is not moving! And even though it gives an accurate portrayal of the river, it does not convey the fact that the river is always moving. And thus, the man who thinks that this photograph is the River of Life will miss the most important point about the River of Life, namely its ongoingness.

And this is exactly the same with any teaching given by the ascended masters throughout the ages. Once we put a teaching into words that can be recorded or printed, those words become static. This does not mean that they are untrue, as the photograph gives an accurate depiction of the river. But it does mean that they are just a snapshot. And why do we give you those teachings? We give them to show you that beyond the outer teachings that can be put into words is the ongoingness of the River of Life that is the Living Truth of God.

Go beyond the outer teaching

My Beloved, it is somewhat amazing to me that I should have to give this message into the collective consciousness. Yet as El Morya and Saint Germain have explained, too many spiritual people have not internalized and become their teachings, thereby flowing with the River of Life behind the teaching.

And thus, I must tell you the truth that it is perfectly possible to study a teaching released by the ascended masters and to understand that teaching perfectly at an intellectual level, yet you do not see beyond the outer teachings to the River of Life. And thus, when you look at a person who has a good outer understand of the teachings, you may break that understanding down into individual details and each single detail might be perfectly accurate and perfectly true, as every point of the photograph is an accurate depiction of the reality from which the picture was taken. Yet, even though every detail is accurate and true, when you look at the big picture itself, the person’s understanding of the teachings of the ascended masters is not moving on beyond the outer teaching from which that person has built the mental image.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.


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