The limitations of “feel-good spirituality”

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 13, 2014 through Kim Michaels.

What has happened in these last ten years or so is that the internet has been completely flooded with all kinds and types of spirituality—all kinds of channelers, gurus, and would-be messengers who parade their wares before the public. We, of course, do in no way discourage freedom of speech, freedom of expression. We are simply pointing out that it is a deliberate strategy of the false hierarchy on this planet to flood the internet with spiritual teachings, many of which are either based on black-and-white thinking or grey thinking.

There are, of course, a variety of them out there that are, like the fundamentalist Christians, based on black-and white-thinking. They are often the doomsday prophets or the conspiracy theorists that say that there is this doom and gloom hanging over humankind, this sword of Damocles ready to drop upon you and wipe out the world or at least unleash calamities of every kind. If you look at what is out there of these false prophets, you will quickly go into a state of having to numb yourself, for you cannot emotionally deal with this.

What do many people do? They go into the opposite extreme, the opposite polarity of grey thinking, which is what I call “feel-good spirituality.” Everything is good, everything is wonderful, and the earth is in this upward spiral and shifting into the 5th dimension because there is this benevolent force – whether it is called ascended masters or space brothers or whatever you have – and these cosmic beings are releasing these wonderful energies that are automatically sweeping the earth into a new dimension or golden age.

All you have to do as a spiritual person is go about your business and be kind and positive to everybody. You do not need to study any difficult topics, you do not need to be diligent in practicing particular techniques because everything is wonderful if you just relax and flow with this wonderful love. My beloved, this form of spirituality, “feel-good spirituality,” is somewhat of a delay factor to the plans of the ascended masters. You may look at it and say: “Well, what can be harmful about it? These people are being positive.” They are seeking to create positive vibrations, and have we not given you the teachings about energy, namely that you need to invoke positive energy in order to counteract the accumulated negative energy produced by humankind.

Here is the subtle distinction. It would be easy to go into a black-and-white mindset and say that this form of spirituality is all false and has no positive impact whatsoever because it is coming from the false hierarchy, or it is based on illusions. The reality is, of course, that things are never black and white. There are many people in this new spiritual movement who are having a positive impact on planet earth. If you keep yourself in a kind, positive, and loving state of mind, you will have a positive impact, as opposed to people who are in a negative, fear-based, or anger-based state of mind.

Therefore, I am not saying that the people who are engaged in this feel-good spirituality are not having a positive influence on the planet. Some will therefore say: “Well, if that is the case, just leave us alone then and let us feel the way we want to feel.” Certainly, given free will, I will leave alone all those who are not open to my message. Yet, I do want to state in the physical that feel-good spirituality is delaying the progress of this planet even though it is having a positive impact on this planet. You see my beloved, if you are dragging your car by a rope, the car is still moving forwards but not nearly as quickly as if you got into the car, turned on the engine, put it in gear, and stepped on the accelerator. Your car is moving forward if you are dragging it, but certainly not with the speed that is its true potential. So it is with this broad, New Age, feel-good movement.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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