The lie of the reality of matter

Ascended Master Jesus, January 3, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

There is, as I said, no standard for what a Christed being should be like, for the role of the Christed being is precisely to shock people out of their current sense of equilibrium, the false equilibrium that comes because they think their egos have managed to force the entire material universe to function according to its world view, its doctrines, its belief system, its expectations.

This is the lie of the perversion of matter. It is the lie that there is anything in the matter world that has continuity, that has permanence. You think the material universe has existed for 15 billion years, as your scientists claim. But I tell you, there is no “thing” that has existed for any length of time. For any “thing” that exists has no independent existence; it exists only because Spirit allows it to continue to exist. Yet it still has no independent existence, any more than the image on a movie screen has an independent existence. For the moment you shut down the projector, the screen goes dark.

And so it is with the material universe. What you think has permanence is simply images projected onto the screen of the Ma-ter light. It is the satanic lie that these images are not projections but are actual things that have a continued existence independently of Spirit. This is the lie of matter. This is what I meant when I said: “Judge not after the appearance but judge righteous judgment.”

Question the entire idea that matter is real and that matter has power over you as Spirit. Be willing to question it continually during this Year of the Mother, and you can experience tremendous growth during this year. In fact, if you will question this illusion in its many subtle forms, you can – during this coming year – experience a growth, so that at the end of the year, you will look back and scarcely recognize yourself as you are today.

This coming year is an immense opportunity for questioning the illusion of matter. Of course, this has been possible all along, for those who were able to go far beyond the level of the collective consciousness. But in this specific cycle of the Year of the Mother it will be easier than ever before on this planet to question this illusion. And thus, I say to you: make use of this opportunity. Do not look upon this year as just any other year. Look at it as an absolutely unique year, where you have the potential to break through to a new level of consciousness, a new level of awareness, of what life is and what it is about.

Be willing to question the very subtle beliefs that you either think you should not question or that there is no point in questioning—for surely they must be right. They seem so self-evident, but they only seem self-evident because you view them from inside your mental box. Thus, be willing to reach for the Christ perspective that looks at them from outside the box and therefore sees their unreality.

This is my offering to you. I hope that those who have been open to my website, perhaps for years, will make use of this offering. For I will continue throughout this year to give other teachings – as will other masters – that will help you make the maximum use of this Year of the Mother.

So that in your own being, the year of our 2011 will be the year where the Mother of your own being unites with the father of your own Presence. So that the Presence, the I AM Presence, now will have an open door, so that through the open door that you are, the I AM Presence can say: “I will be who I will be.” And then you, as the Conscious You, will allow the Presence to be what it will be through you, without putting any expectations or limitations on the Presence.

This is the opportunity that I put before you. It is my challenge to you, as it is my challenge to humankind. You will either put Satan behind you, or you will end up putting Satan between you and God—even more firmly than he is already seated in that position.

And so, I will say as Gautama and Mother Mary have said before me, for this is a phrase that you might hear many times during this year: The choice is yours!


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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