The last stages in the ascension spiral

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

You come to that point in the ascension spiral, where you realize, that it is time for you to focus on your ascension—not as a way to elevate yourself compared to others, for you are no longer focused on other people. You are focused on the task of taking those last stages of accelerating yourself into the purity of the ascension. You come to that point at the top of the ascension spiral, where you reach the singularity, beyond which you are no longer in the ascension spiral. You are in the ascended state.

And to reach that point will require a 100 percent, one-pointed effort, where you forget everything about raising others or raising the world. You are focused on raising your sense of self, and you know that in doing so, you will also make the maximum contribution to raising others. But you are not concerned about raising others or about their choices, or proving them right or wrong. You are concerned only with passing those last initiations in the Temple of the Ascension, whereby you can walk through the doorway, the singularity. Where the man who descended down from heaven can ascend back to heaven, because it recognizes itself as that point of pure awareness, that is an extension of the Creator’s Being.

Thus, I have spoken long, far longer than many of you can handle, as the light that I have released beyond the words will have stirred up your own impurities, and you will therefore have been forced, so to speak, to make the choice as to whether you will take another round outside of the Ascension Temple, for you are not yet ready to look at some impurity in yourself without condemning yourself. And thus I, Serapis, do not condemn anyone. Regardless of your reaction to this release, I do not condemn you, and you can at any point in the future come back to me and say, “Serapis, now I am ready to look at the beam in my own eye. Show me, for I desire to accelerate into Purity.”

And at that point, you can be sure, that I will receive you with open arms. For if you will study my past lives, my past service from the ascended realm, you will see that it was always my goal to be the open door between the human condition and the ascended realm, to be the open door between heaven and earth. So that no matter what level of consciousness people have descended into, I could provide them a way to accelerate beyond it and start the upward process, that would eventually lead them to be worthy to enter that ascension spiral. Thus, I say to you, whatever your reaction to this release, go in peace. Know, that you have the love and the acceptance of the chohan of the fourth ray. For indeed, I AM Serapis Bey. I AM Serapis Soleil. I AM Serapis of the sun.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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