The hour of decision of the Catholic Church

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 2, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I am indeed Mary, your Mother, and I come on the eve of the pope’s passing. Yet I come at 11:00 at night [Eastern standard time] to symbolize that this is indeed the 11th hour for the Catholic Church. It is the hour, when this Church must make a choice to either go up or down, because it can no longer remain lukewarm to the reality of Christ.

I am aware that many Catholics around the world are in mourning over the passing of their beloved pope. My Mother’s heart would reach out to these many people and comfort them in this dark hour, this hour of fear, uncertainty, grief and sorrow. Yet you must understand that the compassion I feel as an ascended being is not human compassion, is not human sympathy. I am not here to console without helping people to change.

I am here to provide divine compassion, which is aimed at raising people above the state of consciousness in which they feel sorrow. And thus I come to quicken, I come to awaken those who have ears to hear, those who are willing to hear the true message of what the Mother of God wants to say about the Catholic Church, wants to say to Catholics in this dark hour, this crucial hour that will be a turning point for the Catholic Church.

And whether it be a turning point for good or a turning point for darkness remains to be seen. And the outcome will be determined not by who is elected pope, not by one person or even a group of cardinals in Rome; it will be determined by a critical mass of Catholics around the world and what they choose to do based on the opportunity presented to them at this time.

Many Catholics are closed to the truth

I come to give you a small sense of co-measurement of the difficulty I face, and that other members of the ascended masters face, when we seek to enlighten humankind. I would like you to take a little journey with me in your imagination. I would like you to imagine that you are up here in heaven, looking down upon earth and considering the state of consciousness of most Catholics around the world.

Most Catholics today realize, at some level of their beings, that times have changed, that society has changed. And in many ways, the times have run away from many of the customs, the traditions and the beliefs in the Church which they consider to be the true Church of Christ. Many of these Catholics have grown up with questions about God and about Christ that were never answered by official doctrines. Some have sought answers elsewhere, while some have simply stopped asking the questions. Many feel a sense of loyalty to the outer Church and feel that in order to remain loyal to the Church, they should close their minds to any considerations that cannot be explained by doctrine. It is as if these people feel that being loyal to the outer doctrine is more important than knowing the inner truth.

Yet if you would look at the example set by my beloved Jesus, you would see a person who had committed his entire life to the truth and who was not willing to compromise the truth in order to please human beings or please his own outer consciousness and ego. And this is the example that you should follow, so that you will not let your own ego or any human being or institution stand between you and the discovery of the truth, the truth of Christ that will make you free from all human limitations and shackles.

The question that is faced by most Catholics today is the same question that has been faced by human beings throughout the ages, “Do you want the truth or do you want to remain in the state of illusion, confusion and darkness?” This is the question that Jesus asked – spoken and unspoken – of every person he met 2,000 years ago. They were all faced with the necessity to either accept the truth embodied by Jesus or to reject that truth.

Being open to ideas beyond doctrine

The question remains today, “Will you accept the truth of Christ, or will you reject that truth?” I ask you to consider that I, Mary, have been working in various ways with Catholics for a very long time. You have seen apparitions, you have heard messages, you have seen tears flowing from statues, and you have seen various forms of miracles performed by the sun. Yet I would like you to consider why I have appeared in such ways and why I have often given messages that are very simple, almost to the point of being simplistic.

The reason for this is that so many Catholics have closed their minds to anything beyond the official doctrine of the outer Church. And therefore, you might consider how I, Mary, could possibly awaken people. How could I possibly awaken Catholics to the truth that would make them free? And the sad fact is that I have very limited options for awakening Catholics, because many of them are afraid to find a truth that might be beyond the outer doctrine. Their first and foremost concern is not to know the truth that will make them free. Their first and foremost concern is that any idea they come across must conform to the outer doctrine of the outer Church.

And thus, how could I possibly appear in a way that did not conform to the standards set by the outer Church? And how could I possibly say anything in one of these apparitions, that are approved by the Church, if what I said did not conform to the doctrine of the Church? You see, I am a spiritual being and I know the truth of Christ and the reality of God. I have a great longing to impart that truth and reality to all who revere me, be they Catholic or not. Yet how could I pass on that truth if all you want to hear is what conforms to an outer doctrine, especially if that doctrine is not completely aligned with the truth?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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