The highest levels of Christhood

Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 15, 2013, through Kim Michaels.

Now I want to make it clear that it is fully possible to ascend for a person who has reached the higher stages of Christhood and is engaged in helping the world. Your Guru Ma was an example of a person who had reached the higher stages of Christhood and who was indeed very active in running a spiritual organization, bringing forth teachings and addressing many of the problems in the world. Yet, you will also see, as she said herself, that it took her some years after her physical body was no longer functioning at its normal level before she was ready to ascend. This was because she desired to keep the body temple until she had reached a degree of Buddhahood.

Some who knew her might have noticed that this actually started to some degree after the period that many people called the “Shelter Cycle.” Up until then, she had been very concerned about her public image and reputation. This was natural for she wanted to do the best possible job as a messenger for the ascended masters. Thus, she, in a sense, resisted some of the final initiations of Christhood that lead to Buddhahood. What are some of these initiations?

Well, it is that you must be willing to go through the process that Jesus demonstrated with his public trial, persecution, and crucifixion. Of course, you do not need to go through a physical crucifixion in this day and age, although some people have indeed been tortured or killed, or abused in other physical ways. But for most of you, it will be enough to go through a period where you allow other people to do with you or to do with your reputation anything they please.

Your Guru Ma went through this after the shelter cycle and some might have noticed that after that, there was a shift. She would seem more peaceful, more resigned as if accepting that her public reputation had been damaged beyond repair so why worry about it anymore? Why be concerned? Why not simply focus on walking the path of overcoming your attachments? This then is a process that you must all go through in various ways. Not that you all need to be in the public eye, but you might go through it with friends or family members who persecute you and ridicule you for your spiritual beliefs.

Are there any of you who have not experienced this, my beloved? Hardly a one. You see, this is an initiation that all face, and the more that it is in your divine plan to have a public mission, the more publicly you must face this initiation. You must allow those who, for whatever reasons of unresolved psychology, are so willing to play the role of persecuting and accusing and judging others. You must come to a point where you can look at whatever they do and you do not seek to fight or combat them, you do not seek to defend yourself, you look at your own reaction, and say: “What does it say about my psychology that I have a reaction to these people? Then let me look at myself, let me look at my attachments, and let me let them go. For then I will be free. It is not my job to set free the people who persecute me and who are so blinded that they will not listen neither to me nor to the ascended masters, nor to anyone else, for they think they know best. They think they know better than the ascended masters, what the ascended masters would say.”

Be non-attached to this. Focus within, focus on overcoming your own attachments and unresolved psychology. Then come to the point where the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. The demons of Mara parade their stuff before you and you can look at it and say: “So what? So what if you do this? So what if you say that?” You come to the point where you realize that the demons of Mara can only work in the material realm. And what power does the material have over Spirit? Thus, if you are Spirit why do you need to react to this?

Acting from a state of not reacting

There are many people in the New Age spiritual movement who have an intuitive sense that it is your goal to be non-attached and to not react. But you do not avoid reacting through denial, through pushing your reaction into the subconscious mind so that it is no longer conscious. You can come to the point of not reacting only by first going through the lower stages of Christhood where you do react and then going through the higher stages of Christhood where you not only react, but act.

Then, you can come to the point where you start to work on your reactions until you no longer react to the world, and then you can begin to act in the world. You may say: “Did Gautama act in the world after he attained Buddhahood?” Well, yes, he did. He went out and started a teaching mission, which was his particular divine plan. Your divine plan may be different. Your divine plan may be to go out and actively seek to bring change in a particular area of society. Yet I tell you that if you want to have the maximum impact, you need to go through the process I have outlined. Then, when you no longer react, you can take the most efficient actions.

I tell you this because there are a certain number of ascended master students in Russia who are ready to acknowledge this path and therefore make faster progress on it by being conscious of the process and its stages and requirements. These are the ones who have the potential to have the greatest impact on this nation. It is always so that it is the few that raise up a nation.

The closer you are to the higher stages of Christhood and the first stages of Buddhahood, the more of an impact you will have and the fewer people it takes to shift an entire nation. Even a nation the size of Russia and with a history like Russia’s can be shifted by only a few hundred people walking the process I have described. So I told you earlier today to step up from the stage where you invoke the Violet Flame but instead focus on the Freedom Flame and begin to embody it. And I have now given you a deeper key to how you embody the Flame of Freedom.

You may think that the Buddha is peace, but you see, peace is the Sixth Ray and the Seventh is Freedom. When you have attained peace, meaning that you do not react to anything in the world, that is when you have attained the ultimate freedom to act in the world. To act from the higher perspective rather than from your reaction to what is already happening in the world. Thus, you can be the open door for bringing forth something entirely new that is not a reaction to the imperfect conditions in the world.

Christhood is where you react to the conditions in the world, you address them, you expose them, you demonstrate how to transcend them, how to improve conditions. This is very beneficial but there is that higher level of having completely mastered your reaction so that you are not blind to what is happening in the world. You can bring forth something that is not a reaction to a specific imperfect condition, but that brings in an entirely new idea, an entirely new element that takes society to a higher level.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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