The golden age must be built on the true teachings of Jesus

Ascended Master Saint Germain, April 12, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

You may find, that they will reject traditional religion. You may find, that some cannot tolerate the mention of the word God. But I tell you, it is because they are rejecting the traditional theistic view of God as the remote judgmental being in the sky. Yet many of these people know within their hearts, that there is a spiritual component to life, and it is only a matter of finding a way to express this, that helps them go beyond the traditional images of God and the spiritual side of life, to where they see the true universality of it.

And one key to this in Europe – that has been so dominated by Christianity for so long – is, of course, to restore a true understanding of the nature and mission of Christ, so that they can see in their outer minds what they already know in their hearts. So that they can see just how far the outer, official Christian churches have strayed from the inner reality, mission and message of Christ. There is such a crying need for this to be spoken freely, by those who are willing to acknowledge who they are and why they have come. For there is absolutely no way to manifest The Golden Age of Saint Germain without restoring – or we might say spreading for the first time – a true understanding of Christ.

The Golden Age is not something that can be brought forth on its own, independently of history. The Golden Age must be built on a foundation. And that foundation is, that at least the top ten percent of the population need to understand and know, that the central message of Christ was to be the example for all people to show, that they have access to their own higher beings—that they have access to God, directly within themselves. They do not need an outer intermediary, be it the state or political party, or a Church. For the Kingdom of God is within you, as Christ said so many years ago.

That statement was never taken out of the official Bible. For those who attempted to manipulate the Bible could not even comprehend it themselves and thus did not see it as necessary to remove it. Yet it is the very center of the message of Christ. And it is the very key to establishing what I talked about earlier, the true equality among men, upon which the political system of the Golden Age must be built.


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