The force of darkness

Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 27, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Do you see that it is legitimate according to the Law of Free Will to use physical force because you are in the physical octave. Take note of what I said: It is legitimate according to the Law of Free Will. This does not mean it is justified, this does not mean that you will not make karma and be held responsible for your actions.

Take note of Jesus’ words: “Fear not him who can kill the body but fear him who can destroy the soul in hell.” Well, the only person who can ultimately destroy your soul is you because you created the soul. What the fallen beings are attempting to do is manipulate you into such a state of mind that you are no longer willing to take responsibility for your soul, to be accountable for your soul. You are not willing to make decisions so you give up and you let your ego and the fallen beings manipulate you further and further down in a downward spiral until your soul is so scattered that it is, so to speak, destroyed in the fires of hell, which is the fire of the intense anger that the fallen beings have against God.

This attempt to destroy the soul, the perception, the sense of self of another human being is a clear violation of free will. It is not justified by the Law of Free Will, and anyone who does this or attempts to do this will reap karma, will lock themselves more firmly in the fallen consciousness. If it is kept up in an aggressive manner, it will of necessity shorten their opportunity to be in embodiment on earth even possibly shorten their opportunity to exist as a self-aware being in any realm thus facing what we have called the second death.

This truly is the murder of the holy innocent and the murder of innocence itself. Before the fall in that unascended fourth sphere the majority of the lifestreams in that sphere were not perfect, they were not ready to ascend, they were not in a perfect state of consciousness, they were not saints—they were acting out the selves they had. But before the fall, before the first fallen beings rebelled, no one was aggressively seeking to destroy the innocence of another. Not even the beings who fell were doing this at the time.

They were seeking to control people at what we could compare to the material level today, but they were not seeking to control people in their minds, in their inner beings. This only started when they made the decision to rebel against God and God’s plan for growth through free will.

The force of Satan

This was the shift where they now became the force that has grown into what Jesus called the devil, Satan and the prince of this world. Why is it the prince of this world? Because, as Astrea said, not enough self-aware beings have taken the stand of coming back to innocence. They have not taken a stand for their right to live their lives based on their current perception and then constantly seeking to transcend that perception. But doing so from within themselves based on their own decisions—not based on being forced or manipulated or being divided in themselves by those with an aggressive intent to destroy them in order to punish God or prove God wrong.

I have now given you, starting all the way back in 2003 and 2004, the entire teaching I desired to give about the fall and the fallen beings. Those who cannot heed or understand that teaching, I cannot help at this point and thus I can only say that the teaching is complete. We have given enough opportunities to beings in that particular state of consciousness that we have addressed during this cycle, and thus we will move on and move these two messengers on, to give teachings for a higher level of consciousness.

We have in an earthly sense almost unlimited teachings that can be brought forth, and surely, as Saint Germain has said: “We have yet other worlds to conquer.” Thus, take heed. Putting down a teaching given by the ascended masters to set people free from the fallen consciousness can only be done from the fallen consciousness.

It is finished for the mouth of the Divine Mother has spoken it. Thus, be in innocence in the inner sense of oneness with the I AM that I AM.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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