The final judgment of the conflict between male and female

Ascended Master Surya, October 25, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

You are used to thinking of God Power seen through the mental box of the so called all-powerful male God of the Old Testament, who has created the heaven and the earth, who will judge you in the final judgment and who is ready to cast you into hell, if you do not measure up to some standard defined by some religion on earth. This, of course, is the unbalanced male God created by those, who have gone into an unbalanced state of consciousness and who therefore have created a conflict. And in a conflict, there must be an enemy, there must be a scapegoat. And what better enemy could there be, than to create the false teaching that women caused the fall and that therefore they should be suppressed by men? Thus right there – in the basic relationship between the two sexes – you have a conflict, that then becomes the foundation for almost every other conflict seen on this planet. 

It is an absolute necessity at this point in cosmic cycles, that the consciousness of blaming women for the fall will receive its final judgment from the ascended masters. For I tell you once again, in order for such a consciousness to exist, we of the ascended masters have to hold the balance for it, and we do so lovingly and gladly for a time, so that people on earth or elsewhere where they have descended into duality may experience – may reap what they have sown – may experience the out-picturing of their own state of consciousness in a way, that does not obliterate them but actually allows them to experience their own co-creation, their imbalanced co-creation.

We have given the space on planet earth now for several thousand years, here in the Middle East and elsewhere, where the monotheistic religions have had their reach, even beyond this, in the East where also women have been suppressed; but especially here in the Middle East. This has been the focal point, this has been, so to speak, the point where the black hole, the downward spiral of the suppression of women, has been focused.

This morning early, when this messenger awoke, I gave him a vision – although he did not know at the time what the spiral was – but he experienced descending into this black hole with demons and discarnates clamoring along the walls. And he experienced what I had given him some time ago, the Rod of Power, the Scepter of Authority, of how he simply had to raise it, and the demons would flee further and further down the black hole, until he had descended all the way to the bottom and they were all consumed by that power of God. For this Scepter of Authority cannot be used in an imbalanced way, for you see, those to whom it is given would instantly be destroyed, if they attempted to use it in an imbalanced way for personal gain, or personal revenge or in any other way. Thus, it is something that is given only to someone who has proven the willingness to remain balanced even in extreme situations.

Balance of course being the balance of the unconditional love of God, that brings forth whatever is required, and sometimes may seem as tough love, that some will accuse of not being love at all, seeing it as anger for they see it through their own consciousness. And they are angry at the fact, that someone will not be moved, for someone will stand firm on the Rock of Christ, instead of adapting to their state of consciousness and telling them what they want to hear, instead of what they need to hear.

This Scepter of Authority is indeed a powerful instrument, that allows the ascended masters to use the aura and chakras of a person in embodiment to bring forth a more physical level of judgment of the forces, that have amassed in the physical realm, in the astral realm, in the mental and in the etheric. And thus, we will use this tool as this messenger travels wherever he goes, that he may extend that right hand and extend that Scepter of Authority to touch the many beasts that people have created, the beasts that were spoken about at the Wesak celebration, to touch them on the forehead, on the third eye as they are all created out of a misuse of the power of vision.

Indeed, I shall start right here in the Middle East, by going directly into that bottomless pit, that black hole of the persecution and suppression of women, the judgment against women, that has been practiced and spread throughout the world from this epicenter for now thousands of years. And indeed, this black hole is centered right here in Jerusalem, which is why Jesus as King David was inspired to build a temple here, even though again it had to be done according to the level of consciousness of the people, who could only worship a God that had certain material characteristics, a God that had a certain form. For they had gone so far from the original God of Abraham, that they could not even conceive of the formless God.

Even I shall bow momentarily to the wonders of modern technology that are sometimes more noisy than we would like. This of course, being an expression of just how imbalanced society has become. For I tell you, that technology that makes noise, that pollutes, that burns energy is of course not an expression of balance. For there would be no negative impact on the environment from technology, that sprang from the consciousness of balance. [A police helicopter flew overhead 100 meter above the ground and the dictation was interrupted for several minutes]

Unraveling the downward spiral of the suppression of women
Yet returning to my goal, I will now descend into this bottomless pit, to the very bottom of it, where the beast itself – of the suppression of women, the suppression of the female element of God and of hatred of the Mother – is centered. I will not describe this beast, for it is indeed so ugly that it is almost impossible to put words upon it, but it shall, at this instant [11:35 AM] – through the power of my instrument in embodiment, and the power of the God Star – it shall be slain. And as it thrashes about in the death throes, it shall indeed be consumed by the infinite power of the God Star Sirius, that is also the Star of God Government.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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