The fallen consciousness in the Catholic Church

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

This, my beloved, is precisely the consciousness that is permeating the Catholic Church. For the fallen beings who form the false hierarchy on this earth, for this earth, they were quick – when they saw that Christianity could not be eradicated and would not die out on its own – they were quick to follow their own old axiom, “If you can’t beat’em; join’em.”

They joined the Christian religion at an early age, and they attempted to influence it and pervert it by inserting what I have called toxic ideas. Toxic ideas that took Christianity – in subtle and seemingly unrelated ways – into a downward spiral, that has created what you see before you, this Cathedral of Saint Peter, this Basilica of Saint Peter, this monument to the death consciousness, starting with Peter and being traceable all the way down. For this is the truth behind the apostolic succession, of which the Catholics are so proud.

The truth is, that what they have maintained from Peter is exactly the Peter consciousness, the death consciousness, that they have maintained in an unbroken line. And why is it an unbroken line? Because that which is of the death consciousness can be maintained in an unbroken line in the physical, whereas that which is of the Spirit cannot be maintained in an unbroken line—for the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It cannot be confined to any system, any mental box, any particular structure, such as a Church or an organization. There cannot be an unbroken line of the Spirit, for some will have the Spirit only for a time. Others will have it for a lifetime, but then, when they are gone, where will the Spirit land next, who will be open to the flow of the Spirit?

The Spirit cannot be captured by any organization

This is indeed the question, and that is why you will see the impossibility of having an organization, that has the unbroken flow of the Spirit. It simply cannot be done, for when you start an organization and when that organization reaches a certain size and complexity, it is inevitable, that the people who created that structure, that complexity, will have endowed it with enough of their consciousness, that they have created a living entity, a living beast. And that beast will seek to maintain itself, to survive. And therefore, it will use the outer organization that created it in order to sustain itself.

And if the people in the organization are not willing to let their mortal identity die, even letting the organization seemingly die – that it can be reborn again continually – well, then they will give in to that beast, and they will give it the continuity that it seeks. For it has no reality in Spirit, and therefore it must seek immortality in the physical octave by getting people to worship it, to worship the beast rather than to worship the living Christ—who does not need to be worshiped, but needs you to become one with me.

I have no need for worship. I have a need for those who will be one with me in the continual regeneration, the continual self-transcendence. Yet those who will not transcend, who will not let the old die, they will want continuity in the physical octave in the form of a structure, an organization, a Church. And this is precisely what you see in this mausoleum of the dead popes, who have no Spirit whatsoever, for they have no connection to the reality of who I am or why I came to this earth. They have perverted everything that I stood for, everything I stand for today. There is absolutely nothing in here that vibrates with the reality of who I am.

There is no room for Christ in the Church

This messenger, walking around here, realized, that there was hardly even a depiction of me, but even the depictions of me found here are not representative of me. And thus, as he was walking, he finally noticed a sun beam shining through a window, and he realized, that this was the only true spiritual light in here—coming from outside this structure, that has no life in it, that has no Spirit in it—for it has no room for me.

There is no room for me in the structure, in the organization—there is no room for me. Even though many people who come here have a great devotion to me in their hearts, the devotion they have is so colored by the graven images produced by this Catholic Church – and other mainstream Christian churches – that they truly do not have room for the Living Christ. They only have room for the dead Christ, that lives up to their image. And if I did not live up to their image, well, they would shun me instantly. They would withdraw from me, they would even call me of the devil, as they did when I walked this earth and the scribes and the Pharisees said, that I was a false prophet or of the devil. So they would say the same thing in here, if I allowed this messenger to stand up and create a spectacle. They would instantly reject the Living Spirit flowing through anyone, for they will not recognize, that anyone can have the Living Spirit, for they think the Spirit has been encaged, encaged in this structure, so that it rests only on this one person, the Pope.

But look at him and the sermon and the service he gave this morning. Was there any Living Spirit in that man? I tell you “nay,” there was not a spark of it, there was not a spark of life, my beloved. There was no willingness to flow with the River of Life, with the joy of life. There was only a whitened sepulcher, which looks beautiful on the outward with all the pomp and pageantry that you find in the structure, but it has no reality within it—it is filled with dead men’s bones. The dead men’s bones that are stored here as the dead bones of the past popes.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

Copyright © 2010 Kim Michaels